These companies can perform most or all repairs, maintenance, and/or calibrations on the below instruments.


  • IIDF - CU Boulder campus
    • Focused on instrument design, but can perform repairs
  • Sienco - Denver
    • General lab instrument repair
  • Sercom - Fort Collins
    • General lab instrument repair
  • Full Spectrum - Denver
    • Specializes in: HPLC, GC, MS, UV-VIS, Chromotography
  • MTS - Marston Technical Services
    • Specializes in histology instrumentation
    • Also supports many different types of pathology and general laboratory instruments.  Preventative mainenance, calibration, certification.
  • I2S Inc.
    • Calibration and repair of pipettes, balances, microscopes, centrifuges, spectrophotometers

Non-Local (will travel)

  • GMI, Inc.

    • Servicing: centrifuges (benchtop, ultra, floor model), GC, HPLC, FPLC, Spectrometers, LS Counters, thermal cyclers, plater readers

Pipette calibrations and repair

  • Annual bulk pipette calibration by Gilson
  • List of local pipette calibration/repair services

When repair companies are listed as "general lab instrument repair", they are likely to be able to work on the following:

Autoclaves Fermentors PCR systems
Analytical balances hoods pH/Ion meters
Baths/Circulators Furnaces Pipettes
Bottle tops Gas Chromatographs Pipette aids
Burners Glassware washers Pumps
Centrifuges Heat blocks Refrigerators
Chillers Homogenizers Shakers
Concentators Hoods Sepctrophotometers
Dessicators Hot plate stirrers Thermometers
Distillers Hydrometers Timers
Electrophoresis Incubators Titrators
Evaporators Microscopes Ultrasonic cleaners
Extractors Ovens Water purification systems