Each summer (usually late July or early August) the BioCore organizes a bulk pipette calibration event on campus. Gilson tech's, who calibrate/repair all pipette models, spend a week on campus calibrating and/or repairing hundreds of pipettes. 

To have your lab's pipettes added to this year's calibration event, fill out this form. Any lab on campus can utilize this service. 

Generally, it takes 1 to 2 days from the time you drop off your pipettes until they are completed and ready for pickup.

How it works:

  1. You provide an estimate of the number of pipettes you need calibrated (no lower or upper limit)
  2. In late July (date will be specified) you drop off your pipettes at a designated place on campus
  3. Gilson tech's will work through the calibrations in order of recieved
  4. As soon as calibrations of your pipettes are completed, you'll receive notice to come pick them up
  5. Billing will be sent out after the event
  6. If repairs are needed, you will approve (or not) repairs and the pipette(s) will be sent out. They will be sent back as soon as the repairs are completed, usually about 1 week.

List of Pipette Calibration services (in case you missed the summer bulk calibration event)