Campus COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

For new university employees, Human Reources (HR) has advised that new hires have 8 weeks from their start date to complete the COVID-19 vaccine requirement.

  • International unpaid scholars (i.e. not employees paid by CU) whom CU Boulder is hosting on campus are required to complete the CU Boulder COVID-19 vaccine requirement only if they are appointed as Visiting Professors (Job Codes 1401-1403).
  • Unpaid research affiliates and all other international scholars not on CU payroll are not required to complete the vaccine requirement or exemption forms. 

Additional Information

Prospective scholars (researchers, lecturers, student interns) must work directly with a university department/unit to determine sponsorship opportunities. If a department/unit is interested in sponsoring an international scholar, the department will contact ISSS directly to initiate visa sponsorship. Please do not contact ISSS directly.

Scholar Visas for Working at CU Boulder

Student-Status Related Visas

  • Student (F-1 status) on post-completion OPT
  • Student (F-1 status) on STEM extension of OPT (University of Colorado Boulder is an e-verify employer)
  • Student (J-1 status) eligible for Academic Training

University-Sponsored Scholar Visas

Below is a list of visa types the university commonly uses to sponsor visiting scholars.

Additional Visa Options

Honorarium Payments

Foreign nationals in B-1, B-2, VWB, and VWT status may accept an honorarium and/or reimbursement of travel expenses under the following conditions:

  • For a single academic activity or short series academic activities" (e.g., lecturing, teaching, and sharing of knowledge or performance)
  • 9 days or less at CU Boulder
  • The individual has accepted such payment from no more than 5 educational or research institutions (including the UW)
  • In the previous six-month period.

Contact the International Tax Office for further information about payment and tax implications.