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ISSS recommends:

Academic Forms

Academic Reduced Course Load (DocuSign)

Medical Reduced Course Load

Leave of Absence Form (DocuSign)

Return from a Temporary Absence (DocuSign)

Returning to your F-1 Program after a Temporary Absence (Handout)

Confirmation of Final Semester (DocuSign)

Concurrent Enrollment Agreement (DocuSign)

Program Extension Form

Transferring Your SEVIS Record From CU (DocuSign)

Work Authorization Forms & Information

Information for CU Boulder On-Campus Employment Hiring Department

On-Campus Employment SSN Letter Request Form (DocuSign)

SSN Letter Request for Students with Fellowships & Assistantships (DocuSign)

International Student Employees on CU Payroll

Applying for Social Security Number (SSN)​

CPT Application Instructions

CPT Agreement Form (DocuSign)

OPT I-20 Request Form (DocuSign)

OPT Mailing Instructions

OPT Reporting Requirements

OPT Information Update Form (name,citizenship) (DocuSign)

OPT Employment Relevance Statement (DocuSign)

OPT STEM Extension Form I-983 Instructions

OPT STEM Extension I-20 Request Form (DocuSign)

OPT STEM Extension Application, Mailing, and Reporting Requirements

Cap-Gap I-20 Request Form (DocuSign)

Severe Economic Hardship I-20 Request Form (DocuSign)

I-20 Reprint Request Form (DocuSign)

Travel Information

Travel Handout: Re-entry from Travel Outside the U.S. & Printing Your Electronic I-94

Visa Renewal Information for Students and Scholars

Automatic Visa Revalidation

International Student Travel FAQ for students on OPT

Printing a Copy of Your I-94 & Obtaining an I-94 Correction

Inviting Family/Friends for a Short Visit

Other Immigration Related Information

I-20 Reprint Request Form (DocuSign)

Dependent Request Form

Immigration Check-In Form (DocuSign)

Affidavit of Support

Change of Status Application Information

Marriage to a U.S. Citizen

Medical Insurance Requirements for International Students and Scholars

Responsibilities Contract for International Students

Other Resources

Mailing Authorization Form (DocuSign)

Mailing Authorization Form

Insurance Resource List

Updating Your Address in Buff Portal

Setting/Updating Your Security Passphrase in Buff Portal

Adding and Updating Emergency Contacts in Buff Portal

Checking the Status of DocuSign Signatures

Instructions for Eshipglobal

Employment Etiquette in the U.S.

Driving in Colorado