Please be cautious and only submit personally identifiable information to ISSS via a method that is secure. (Note: Email is NOT secure!)

ISSS recommends:

  • Delivering requests to ISSS in person during advising hours;
  • Using DocuSign for electronic submissions of documents and requests;
  • Mailing requests to ISSS if you are not in Boulder.

Academic Forms

Academic Reduced Course Load (DocuSign)

Medical Reduced Course Load

Leave of Absence Form (DocuSign)

Return from a Temporary Absence (DocuSign)

Returning to your F-1 Program after a Temporary Absence (Handout)

Confirmation of Final Semester

Concurrent Enrollment Agreement (DocuSign)

Normal Progress Form

Program Extension Form

Transferring Your SEVIS Record From CU (DocuSign)

Work Authorization Forms & Information

Information for CU Boulder On-Campus Employment Hiring Department

On-Campus Employment SSN Letter Request Form (DocuSign)

SSN Letter Request for Students with Fellowships & Assistantships (DocuSign)

International Student Employees on CU Payroll

Applying for Social Security Number (SSN)​

CPT Application Instructions

CPT Agreement Form (DocuSign)

OPT Overview, I-20 Request Instructions and Request Form

OPT Mailing Instructions

OPT Reporting Requirements

OPT Information Update Form (name,citizenship) (DocuSign)

OPT STEM Extension Form I-983 Instructions

OPT STEM Extension I-20 Request Form (DocuSign)

OPT STEM Extension Application, Mailing, and Reporting Requirements

Cap-Gap I-20 Request Form (DocuSign)

I-20 Reprint Request Form (DocuSign)

Travel Information

Travel Handout: Re-entry from Travel Outside the U.S. & Printing Your Electronic I-94

Visa Renewal Information for Students and Scholars

Automatic Visa Revalidation

International Student Travel FAQ for students on OPT

Printing a Copy of Your I-94 & Obtaining an I-94 Correction

Inviting Family/Friends for a Short Visit

Other Immigration Related Information

I-20 Reprint Request Form (DocuSign)

Dependent Request Form

Immigration Check-In Form (DocuSign)

Affidavit of Support

Change of Status Application Information

Marriage to a U.S. Citizen

Medical Insurance Requirements for International Students and Scholars

Responsibilities Contract for International Students

Other Resources

Mailing or Third-Party Pick-Up Authorization Form (DocuSign)

Mailing or Third-Party Pick-up Authorization Form

Insurance Resource List

Updating Your Address on MyCUInfo

Setting/Updating Your Security Passphrase in MyCUInfo

Adding and Updating Emergency Contacts in MyCUInfo

Checking the Status of DocuSign Signatures

Instructions for Eshipglobal

Employment Etiquette in the U.S.

Driving in Colorado