Published: Dec. 13, 2023

ISSS provides scheduled, remote advising appointments and in-person, walk-in advising.

ISSS Advising Hours

In the event of a non-holiday closure or temporary change in advising hours, information will be posted on the ISSS homepage.

Remote advising

Remote advising appointments can be scheduled in Bookings up to 6 days in advance.

Student appointments

Student Advising: Schedule Remote Advising Appointment

  • Click on the appointment type (e.g., General, Sponsored Student) to see available appointment dates and times.

Canceling an appointment

If you are unable to attend your remote advising appointment, cancel your appointment in advance so another student can schedule an appointment at that time.

  • If you cancel and rebook your appointment, use the Join Meeting link in the email for the new (uncanceled) appointment.
    • An advisor will not join you in the meeting room for the canceled appointment.

Scholar and Host Department Appointments

Contact the ISSS advisor assigned to your department to schedule an appointment.

Scholar Advising: Search for ISSS Advisor By Department, Research Institute, or CU Campus 

In-person advising

To facilitate your check-in at the office, come prepared with your university ID number (student ID, employee ID, or Temp ID). You will enter this number in the Front Desk Check-In form on the ISSS laptop in the office lobby.

Instructions for Accessing Your University ID

While the check-in form allows you to enter your university email address instead of your university ID number, entering your university ID number ensures that ISSS accesses the correct client record. Entering an email address is less accurate. If you choose to enter a university email address instead of your university ID, this should be your email address (not

Instructions for Accessing Your First.Last@Colorado.EDU Email Address