Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

You can gain valuable teaching and laboratory experience by teaching your peers in certain courses. To be an undergraduate teaching assistant (UGTA), you should enroll in IPHY 3010: Teaching in Integrative Physiology. You must have at least a B- in the course that you will be teaching. The following courses have had UGTAs in the past:

  • IPHY 2420: Nutrition
  • IPHY 2500: Perspectives in Health
  • IPHY 2800: Statistics
  • IPHY 3060: Cell Physiology
  • IPHY 3410: Introduction to Human Anatomy
  • IPHY 3415: Human Anatomy Lab
  • IPHY 3430: Introduction to Physiology
  • IPHY 3435: Human Physiology Lab
  • IPHY 3470: Human Physiology I
  • IPHY 3480: Human Physiology II
  • IPHY 3500: Clinical Research
  • IPHY 4440: Endocrinology
  • IPHY 4540: Biomechanics
  • IPHY 4600: Immunology
  • IPHY 4650: Exercise Physiology
  • IPHY 4720: Neurophysiology

Becoming a UGTA involves the following process:

  1. Contact the instructor well in advance, typically early in the semester before you want to teach. There is often a required TA review meeting that you will need to attend in addition to the class you teach.
  2. Upon instructor approval provide your student ID, phone, and CU email address to instructor. Instructor then forwards information to office staff.
  3. After your information is received, office staff enrolls you in the course and sends you a confirmation email. The confirmation email is a reminder that tuition/course fees are charged and requests that you verify your enrollment.

Learning Assistant

You can also gain wonderful teaching experience by participating in the Learning Assistant Program where you help teach science and/or math courses on the CU campus. Go to https://www.colorado.edu/program/learningassistant/ for more details on the program.

CU Teach

If you see yourself teaching science in high school or middle school, the CU Teach program is for you. The IPHY major is a great preparation for teaching at the secondary level. Go to http://cuteach.colorado.edu/ for all the details. Also see information about teaching licensure in secondary science.


Tutors are frequently in short supply, especially in the larger IPHY courses. If you have experience in a course, by tutoring you can help a fellow student and gain teaching experience. See Tutoring in IPHY Courses for more information.