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The CU Boulder IPHY Club is committed to fostering lasting connections between other IPHY students and faculty, ultimately enhancing the IPHY major experience. Through this club, students learn how to apply what they are learning in the classroom to research, internships, volunteer work, and other enriching opportunities. Students can attend meetings where board members and keynote speakers provide information for students to maximize their college experience through academics, extracurriculars, and study abroad. Members are also given the opportunities to learn about different post-graduation pathways, such as medicine, research, physical therapy, etc., and how to become a competitive applicant by garnering certifications, interview and resume tips, shadowing and volunteering hours, and more. The IPHY Club is a unique opportunity to begin networking, while also gaining the support for students’ future endeavors.

Nutrition Buffs


The nutrition buffs club is focused on providing accurate information about health and wellness. We are planning on doing cooking classes and showing people how to make balanced, easy and time saving meals or snacks. We want to educate people on nutrition labels and busting diet culture myths. I really want this club to be a safe and educational space for anyone wanting to learn how to eat better or just about basic nutrition in general.

Biostatistics Club

Check back for more information soon.

Center for Student Involvement

The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) cultivates an environment for building vibrant, engaging and safe communities through programming, leadership development, cultural awareness and learning opportunities.