What are the prerequisites?

If you are a freshman or sophomore, you can apply for IPHY 2910 for a maximum 3 credits.  No pre-requisites are required.

If you are a junior or senior with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0, you can apply for IPHY 4930 or IPHY 4940.  You need to have completed two IPHY upper division (3000 or higher) courses.

How do I find an internship?

You can check the pre-approved IPHY internship list. Though this list does not guarantee you will receive an internship, it is a great place to start.  You can also check with the CU Boulder Career Services, or identify an internship through your personal contacts.

Can I be paid and receive course credit for my work?

Yes, as long as the work is a type of paid internship or involves training. If in doubt, please contanct Dr. Jia Shi.

Can I do my internship out of state?

Yes. You can do an internship out of state or out of country as long as the internship is in line with your career goal and you can relate your IPHY course work to your internship experience.

How is the internship graded?

Grading the internship is based on your complied weekly journal, your final essay, signed time log and the evaluation from your internship supervisor. Please see the details on the Internship for Credit page.

What assignments do I need to complete for the internship program?

You need to keep a weekly journal (½ page), a final essay (1 page/credit; e.g. 6 pages/3 credits), and an internship supervisor signed time log.

Can I sign up for the internship and get credit this semester but actually do the work a different semester?

No. You must do the work and receive credit in the same semester.

Do I have to apply through CU even if I am not receiving course credit?

In general, you do not have to apply through CU if you are not receiving course credit.  However, you still need to apply for certain CU internships, such as CU Spots Medicine Physical Therapy internship.

How many credits can I earn?

A maximum of six internship credits may be accrued toward the minimum number of 30 credits needed for the major.  You can earn additional three internship credits through the non-major, e.g. psychology department.

My internship supervisor needs proof of college credit before approving my application, what do I do?

You can download and provide an unofficial CU Boulder transcript from the Buff Portal.  

How do I know if an organization has an affiliated agreement in place with CU?

Currently we have affiliated agreements with Boulder Community Health, Children’s Hospital, and Clinica Family Health. If a new internship organization requires an affiliated agreement with CU Boulder, please contact Dr. Jia Shi.