Campus Use of University Facilities (CUUF)
A CU Boulder campus policy that governs the use of university organizations, buildings and facilities on campus. It includes policies on lawn signs, chalking, distribution of literature, outdoor events & more.

Discrimination and Harassment
All student organizations must be open to all full-time/fee-paying students. This is not a requirement, but a condition for receiving student fee funding for operations, events and travel.

University unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or drone policy applies to all faculty, staff, students and student orgs. Student orgs formed with the intent of using drones or with the interest in using drones on campus should consult the policy as well as your Center for Student Involvement liaison.

Fraternity Reaffiliation
More information regarding the reafilliation of fraternities.

International Travel
There are a number of important university policies and procedures when considering traveling abroad.

Liability and Risk Management
RSO activities are not covered under the University’s liability insurance, however, they are able to purchase supplemental insurance.

Trademarks and Licensing
The University of Colorado owns and controls its logos and trademarks. RSOs are not inheritenly permitted use of these logos and trademarks, but you may request an official logo be created for you. For more info, refer to the logo policy or request a custom logo.

Recognized Student Organization Handbook
The Recognized Student Organization (RSO) Handbook provides important information for all student organization leaders, advisors and students looking to start new organizations. The handbook includes a variety of important university policies, procedures and resources.

Student Fee Regulations (SFRs)
Fiscal rules put in place by University of Colorado Student Government (CUSG), which affects all student fee money.

Student Organization Allocations Committee (SOAC)
A CUSG funding board that provides funding to student organizations for operations, travel and events.