Student Organization Logos

For student groups that would like a logo expressing their connection to the University of Colorado Boulder, the university allows student organizations in good standing to receive a set of interlocking CU logos that feature their student organization name.

If your student group would like to feature a CU Boulder branded logo, we request you complete the form linked from this page.

Organizations need to be current on the annual requirements outlined by the Center for Student Involvement to qualify for an interlocking CU logo. All uses of CU Boulder logos and branding must comply with the official University of Colorado branding policy and the specific guidelines for student organization logos, typefaces and colors outlined on this page.  

To comply with university brand standards and clearly identify each organization as a student-based entity within CU Boulder, the following logo format is available for student organizations. Your official student organization name does not need to include a "CU" or "CU Boulder," as this is covered in the logo itself, which includes both the interlocking CU and the full university name (as shown in the sample below).


Student organization logo example

Request a Student Organization Logo

Note: Student organizations are not required to use the interlocking CU branding and can create their own logos. All unique student organization logos must be completely distinct from university logos and cannot be based in any way on existing CU trademarks.

Also: All uses of CU Boulder trademarks by student organizations—included the use of our campus logo in materials developed to promote student organization programming or events—require review by the Visual Identity Manager.

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Typography and Color Use

Student organizations that wish to use a CU Boulder logo are required to follow the same typography and color guidelines as all other campus units.

Use of the Athletics Logo

With the exception of CU Boulder Collegiate Sport Clubs affiliated with Recreation Services, the CU athletics logo may not be used as a student organization logo.

All other uses of the athletics logo are strictly governed by the university / athletics branding and licensing guidelines and require review and approval.

Trainings and Consultations

The CU Boulder Office of Strategic Relations works with the Center for Student Involvement to host periodic trainings for student organizations interested in using the university’s visual identity and branding. Strategic Relations also provides guidance and assistance with logo development and overall visual identity best practices for student organizations. Please contact us for more information or to address specific questions.

Compliance with University Policies

Any use of CU Boulder’s name, logos, symbols and all associated registered marks (together “marks”) must be in compliance with all university policies, procedures and guidelines.

Note: These guidelines serve to protect and control the use of the university’s marks. CU Boulder places significant emphasis on the ability of its marks to communicate with the public; such marks are identified in the public mind as being associated with CU Boulder and the university system. With respect to the use of the marks, CU Boulder controls the expressive content of proposed use of the marks and maintains final approval authority for any such use. Approved use of the marks does not constitute any type of endorsement by the university of the student organization's purpose, mission or principles, and any student organization using the marks shall not hold itself out as acting on behalf of CU Boulder.

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