Portrait of Valerie Morris
Laboratory Technician, SIL
• Greenhouse gases • Isotopic analysis of ice cores

Stable Isotope Lab


Isotopic analysis of ice cores, greenhouse gases, and many other matrices; looking at biogeochemistry, carbon cycling and climate change.

In 2001, I came to the SIL with a strong background in geology and previous experience with TOC analyzers, and EA CHN analyzers and ICP mass spectrometers. My previous field research areas have included Hawaii and Northern Texas. During the first 4 years I was with the Stable Isotope Lab, I was responsible for the analyses of the stable isotopes in atmospheric CO2 and CH4 on isotope ratio mass spectrometers, as well as the data managment of the isotopic data for the project in collaboration with CMDL at NOAA. I left the U.S. to manage the Stable Isotope Laboratory at GNS Science in New Zealand for four years, and have returned to the INSTAAR Stable Isotope Lab. I am currently working with Bruce Vaughn on the development of the continuous flow melter attached to a Picarro Cavity Ringdown Spectrometer and analysing the stable isotopes in an ice core from WAIS Divide. When not in the lab, I can be found dancing in the air with local aerial dance company Frequent Flyers Productions, where I am a performer, choreographer, and teacher.


  • BA: University of Colorado Boulder, 2001


Isotopic analysis of ice cores, greenhouse gases, and many other matrices; looking at biogeochemistry, carbon cycling and climate change.

  • Development and analysis of stable isotopes in ice cores on a continuous flow melter system attached to CRDS.
  • Analysis of stable isotopes in atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane.
  • Analysis of C, N, O, H, and S isotopes in a range of sample types.
  • Carbon cycling in semi arid regions with in soil processes.


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Selected publications

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