The CU IsoBuffs - a loosely knit community of stable isotope enthusiasts at the University of Colorado - hosted the 2023 Front Range Isotope Day (FRIDay) on Friday August 25th. The meeting was held at the Sustainability, Energy and Environment Community (SEEC) building on CU Boulder's East Campus. It was a great success!

FRIDay meetings are an annual, fun gathering of scientists and technicians from institutions along the Front Range who use stable isotopes in their research. Participants come from a broad range of scientific backgrounds, but we use common research tools and instrumentation. Students are especially encouraged to participate.

In this one-day meeting we’ll learn how researchers are using familiar measurements in different research fields, and how technicians are tackling age-old problems in our analyzers - both isotope ratio mass spectrometers and cutting edge optical methods. This is a great venue for talking shop, showing off proud solutions to technological challenges, and sharing the favorite pieces of our isotope toolkits. We’ll also report the cool science that we’ve learned from various isotopic tracers, and gather useful feedback on our work. Most of all, we’ll build community - so that we have friends “in the business” from up and down the Front Range that we can reach out to for troubleshooting and collaboration (or maybe even just a borrowed filament in a pinch).

In addition to talks and posters, there will be lab tours: we'll see the Stable Isotope Lab, the Organic Geochemistry Lab, and the Earth Systems Stable Isotope Lab.

This is the best kind of meeting because it is casual, friendly, and fun. We are looking forward to seeing you. Please spread the FRIDay word, along the Front Range and beyond!

Contact: If you have any questions, please email Sylvia Michel (INSTAAR Stable Isotope Lab). 




Group photo of the roughly 60 participants of Front Range Isotope Day 2022 at the Colorado School of Mines

Participants of the 2022 Front Range Isotope Day (FRIDay), held at the Colorado School of Mines on August 19, 2022. The banner image at the top of the page is also from 2022. All images courtesy Susann Stolze.


Talks & posters

We have an exciting agenda! It will include

Science talks – 20 min presentations with some background, methods, results. Because we all love science!

Tech talks – 10 min presentations showing clever solutions to tricky problems. If you are proud of it, please tell us about it!

Posters – A few neat plots and a bit of background so we can get to know you and the awesome project that you are working on. THERE WILL BE A PRIZE for best poster, courtesy of our sponsors. This is a great opportunity for students!





Location & parking

The meeting will be held at the Sustainability, Energy and Environment Community (SEEC) building on CU Boulder's East Campus. Parking information (permits and maps) will be posted elsewhere. Permittng costs will be covered by our generous sponsors.


Mailing list

Registrants for the 2023 meeting will automatically be added to our mailing list and recieve updates about this years' meeting (e.g., schedule) and future events. If you're not ready to register but still want to be on the list, just sign up below:


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Our sponsors

This meeting would not happen if not for the generosity of our sponsors!  To learn more about them, click a logo below:

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