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Holly Barnard


We are focused on investigating how vegetation processes affect water flow dynamics and pathways in soil and streams, and conversely, how water flow paths affect vegetation function in mountainous terrain.

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Holly Barnard recieves awards from Boulder Faculty Assembly and the Diversity Committe of the College of Arts and Sciences 

Dr. Barnard won an Excellence Award from the Boulder Faculty Assembly, recognizing her outstanding work and effort to make advances in the academy.  More specifically, she was one of just three recipients across campus to win the Excellence in Leadership & Service award (2020-2021).  Separately, she was also recognized by the Diversity Committee of the Arts and Sciences Council for her efforts to increase diversity and inclusion. Students, staff and faculty received the first such awards from ASCEND, the Arts and Sciences Consortium of Committees on Climate, Equity, Inclusion and Diversity.  

February 2021: New publications

Andrew Birch is rocking the hydrology journals with two new publications that go together like chocolate and peanut butter:

"Precipitation Characteristics and Land Cover Control Wet Season Runoff Source and Rainfall Partitioning in Three Humid Tropical Catchments in Central Panama" is published in Water Resources Research (Birch and Barnard co-authors)

"The influence of land cover and storm magnitude on hydrologic flowpath activation and runoff generation in steep tropical catchments of central Panama" is accepted in Journal of Hydrology (Birch, Bush, and Barnard co-authors).


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