Photo of Lennart van Maldegem
Laboratory Manager
• Organic geochemistry • Trace elements

Organic Geochemistry Lab    ICP-MS Trace Metals Lab

Education and training

  • Postdoctoral Fellow/Lecturer: ANU, Australia, 2018–2021
  • PhD (Earth Sciences): University of Bremen / MPI Biogeochemistry, Germany, 2017
  • MSc (Geochemistry): University of Leeds, United Kingdom, 2012
  • BSc (Forensic Chemistry): Avans University, The Netherlands, 2011

Selected publications

Brocks, J. J., Nettersheim, B. J., Adam, P., Schaeffer, P., Jarrett, A. J., Güneli, N., Liyanage, T., van Maldegem, L. M., Hallmann, C., Hope, J. M. 2023: Lost world of complex life and the late rise of the eukaryotic crown. Nature, 618: 767-773. doi 10.1038/s41586-023-06170-w

Vinnichenko, G., Jarrett, A. J., van Maldegem, L. M., Brocks, J. J. 2021: Substantial maturity influence on carbon and hydrogen isotopic composition of n-alkanes in sedimentary rocks. Organic Geochemistry, 152: 104171. doi 10.1016/j.orggeochem.2020.104171

van Maldegem, L. M., Nettersheim, B. J., Leider, A., Brocks, J. J., Adam, P., Schaeffer, P., Hallmann, C. 2021: Geological alteration of Precambrian steroids mimics early animal signatures. Nature Ecology & Evolution, 5(2): 169-173. doi 10.1038/s41559-020-01336-5

van Maldegem, L. M., Sansjofre, P., Weijers, J. W., Wolkenstein, K., Strother, P. K., Wörmer, L., Hefter, J., Nettersheim, B. J., Hoshino, Y., Schouten, S., Sinninghe Damsté, J. S. 2019: Bisnorgammacerane traces predatory pressure and the persistent rise of algal ecosystems after Snowball Earth. Nature Communications, 10(1): 476. doi 10.1038/s41467-019-08306-x

Hoshino, Y., Poshibaeva, A., Meredith, W., Snape, C., Poshibaev, V., Versteegh, G. J., Kuznetsov, N., Leider, A., van Maldegem, L. M., Neumann, M., Naeher, S. 2017: Cryogenian evolution of stigmasteroid biosynthesis. Science Advances, 3(9): 476. doi 10.1126/sciadv.1700887