To travel on University business

To make sure your travel is booked and paid for properly, first fill out a Travel Authorization Form and then have a chat with your Accounting Specialist. They can make sure that your travel is properly accounted for and head off any headaches later.

Approval for domestic travel: Before you book your travel, you need to fill out a Travel Authorization form. This insures you have the funding to travel and that the travel is considered conduct of CU business. You can do this in Concur or by filling out INSTAAR Travel Authorization Form. If you are using a Mac, please fill out the form using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader—not Mac Preview. This will keep your Accounting Specialist from running into any Mac vs. Windows issues.

Approval for international travel: Before you book your travel, complete a Travel Authorization in Concur. Please see the step-by-step guide for how to complete it.

See your Accounting Specialist about whether you need to get a CU travel card if you don’t already have one. This card can be used to pay for hotels, ground transportation, rental cars and gas, airport parking, etc. If you need one, your Accounting Specialist will help you fill out a travel card application and guide you to the required training.

The preferred method of paying for conference and abstract registrations is to use a CU Procurement Card. If you pay for this from personal funds, you cannot be reimbursed until after the trip is complete.

Book your trip through either

  • CU's authorized travel agent Christopherson Business Travel
    • phone: 303 694-8744    toll-free: 1 855 462-8885
    • business hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Mountain Time
    • emergency after hours: 1 800 954-0023 (reference VP-JOO after 5:30 p.m. and on weekends)
    • international after hours: 682 233-0916 (reference VP-JOO)
    • online booking assistance: email or call 1 888 535-0179

If you buy an airline ticket online not using Concur or Christopherson, you will need to have a quote from Concur or Christopherson to prove that you got a better price. If you don't get a quote, you can’t be reimbursed. Never use your CU travel card to pay for airfare.

Conference hotels may need to be booked through the conference. Please use your travel card to pay for your hotel.

Meals: Pay for meals with personal funds, not a CU travel card. You will be reimbursed a per diem rate for meals based on your destination.

Mileage: If you are using your personal vehicle for business travel, use your personal funds to buy gas, not a CU travel card. You will be reimbursed a flat mileage rate for your travel in your personal vehicle.

Rental car: You may book a rental car through Concur or by calling Christopherson. We use Budget, Avis, Hertz, and Enterprise. Use your CU travel card when paying for a rental car, as you receive insurance coverage. Please decline insurance if the rental car company offers it; you are already covered by using the CU travel card. You may pay for rental car gas using your CU travel card.

When you get back, promptly give all receipts to your Accounting Specialist who will prepare a reimbursement report for you in Concur. If reimbursement does not happen within 90 days, you will be charged income tax on your reimbursement per IRS rules. So please be diligent about turning in your receipts and requesting reimbursement. If you are being reimbursed by a third party for some or all of your travel expenses, please let your Accounting Technician know before you travel.

International travel

Special insurance and travel assistance is available to you through the CU system. Read more.

For non-employee trips

Complete the CU Non-employee Travel Request form and use Christopherson Business Travel. Then the non-employee will be able to contact Christopherson Business Travel to book a flight. You can use a Procurement Card for conference or workshop registration for non-employees. The non-employee will need to provide receipts for expenses that need to be reimbursed to your Accounting Specialist who will prepare and route a reimbursement form.

Airport travel and parking

Your CU-issued EcoPass gets you on the AB or other airport-bound bus.

Discount parking is available at DIA for CU employees from these vendors:

  • Canopy Parking – 8100 Tower Road
  • ParkDIA - 25200 East 68th Avenue
  • The Parking Spot – 19901 East 56th. Avenue
  • USAirport Parking – 18000 East 81st Avenue
  • Wally Park – 24200 East 78th Avenue

The fine print

All travel shall be completed using the most economical means available that will satisfactorily accomplish university business. Upgrades, including extended leg-room upgrades and business or first class travel, are allowed only with justification. Please see your Accounting Specialist before making any upgrades.

Travelers who wish to purchase airline tickets on an external internet site (not Concur Travel & Expense) must first compare the full cost of the outside site’s fare with the fares shown in Concur, and print the list of Concur fares so that we have proof of a comparison. If the total cost of the non-Concur fare is less than the Concur fares, travelers can proceed with the non-Concur ticket purchase using a personal credit card. The CU Travel Card is never allowed for airfare purchases. Please include an itemized receipt/proof of payment and the Concur comparison with your other receipts that you hand to your Accounting Specialist after a trip. For international travel fare comparison, you will need to call Christopherson Business Travel to get a quote. Please give the quote/comparison to your Accounting Specialist. Reimbursement happens after the trip.

Concur Travel & Expense is used to reconcile Travel Card charges and to request reimbursement for university travel and non-travel-related expenses by employees. Non-employees use the Non-Employee Reimbursement form. The traveler’s costs cannot be reimbursed until after the trip is completed.

Fly America Act: U.S. federal grantees and employees are usually required to conduct air travel on U.S. flag airlines. Read this GSA web page for more information and exceptions.