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Your helpers

CU's preferred procurement method is to use the Marketplace system, but purchasers may also use the Procurement Card. For most purchasing, get in touch with your finance contact: Kathleen Hale, Jean Lindahl, Lindsay McCandless, or Heather Stoffel. For purchasing computers and software, contact Chad Stoffel. If you don't know which person is your contact, see Finance contacts.

Rules, ethics, and instructions

We're required by the University to be fair, ethical, and accountable to the public as we buy goods and services for University purposes. All purchases must be made in accordance with the University of Colorado Procurement Rules in a way that abides by the Procurement Code of Ethics. If you're new to purchasing for CU, or have questions about the process, the best (and fastest) thing to do is talk with your finance contact.

Purchasing Card

The PCard, a.k.a. Procurement Card, is the CU Visa card that you can use to purchase items up to $5,000 for University use.

Tax exemption

When using your Procurement Card be sure to mention that CU is exempt from Colorado and local sales tax. Sales tax exemption certificates are available on the CU Controller website. Keep in mind that purchases being shipped out-of-state or from out-of-state vendors may not receive tax exemption.

Concur reconciliation

For all PCard purchases a Concur expense report must be submitted and approved so expenses can be charged to the proper speedtype. All receipts must be itemized and legible. Receipts are then sent to your finance contact person who will create the Concur report for you. Contact them with questions, preferably before purchasing. Expense reports must be submitted before expenses are 90 days old or they will be reported as taxable income on the cardholder's W2 tax documents.

PSC PCard handbook/policies

Review the Procurements Service Center's (PSC) PCard Handbook and Senstitive Expenditures Policy.


"For tips on meal service related to Official Functions, the maximum allowable amount is 20% of the final bill (including tax, additional service charges or fees, delivery charges, etc.)."

How do I get a PCard?

To request a PCard, take the required SkillSoft courses through the MyCUInfo portal and then reach out to your finance contact. They will help you fill out the required form.

CU Marketplace

Marketplace will get you the best deals from companies that have contracts with CU: office supplies from Staples; computers from Dell; and scientific equipment from Fisher, Agilent, Roche, USA Scientific, and other vendors.

How can I access Marketplace?

You will need to be set up with a Shopper role within Marketplace to place orders. Complete the required SkillSoft courses available through the MyCUInfo portal and then reach out to your finance contact. They will help you fill out the required access request.

Once you have a role in the system, get to Marketplace through the MyCUInfo portal under the CU Resources tab.

Special considerations

Looking to buy equipment, furniture, food, or office supplies? These types of purchases have special rules or processes. See our page on special procurement items for more information.

Help! I don't have access to Concur or Marketplace, how do I buy something?

If you need an urgent purchase, please reach out to your finance contact to understand your options.

If you do not have access to a CU procurement method, your finance contact may be able to purchase something on your behalf.

It is not preferred for individuals to purchase things for CU business with their own money and be reimbursed. CU Policy says that, "Reimbursements should not be the usual way that the department obtains goods." In the case that you do need to purchase something with your own funds, send your itemized receipts and business justifications to your finance contact for reconciliation in Concur.