The Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Science consists of the completion of the following course requirements.
The program has formal approval from the Graduate School

  1. Required Core Courses:
    1. An introductory course, Issues and Methods in Cognitive Science (3 units)
    2. Topics in Cognitive Science (1 unit), taken twice (2 semesters)
  2.  Additional Courses:
    1. Three cognitive science courses, all at least 2 credit hours; approved courses are listed in the cognitive science course catalog, and there are additional ad hoc courses offered each semester as announced to enrolled students by ICS;
    2. These courses must be from the approved course list, and they must be selected from at least two different departments outside of the student’s home department.

Upon completion of the program requirements, students must provide a transcript to the Academic Program Director.  The Academic Program Director will review the transcript to ascertain whether the student has met the requirements.  Once approved, the Institute will contact the Registrar's Office to include the certification on the student's official record.  Certificates are awarded at the Institute's spring celebration.

Apply for ICS Cognitive Science Graduate Certificate by completing the following 3 steps:

Step 1

First be admitted to a CU Boulder graduate program in one
of the following departments/units:

  Architecture and Planning; Computer Science; Information Science;
Integrative Physiology; LinguisticsPhilosophy;
Psychology and Neuroscience; School of Education;
Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences. Students enrolled
in graduate programs from other departments may request
approval to participate.
Step 2 Be in good academic standing in one of the above departments
and units.
Step 3 Apply for admission to the Certificate or PhD Program in the
Institute of Cognitive Science by submitting the following items
to the ICS office located at UCB 344, MUEN PSYCH Building
D418 University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO 80309:
  Submit an ICS application form
Submit an Unofficial Transcript from your department/unit
Submit a Plan of Study













For more information on becoming a University of Colorado graduate student prior to applying for the ICS graduate programs, contact the following departments/units directly:
     Architecture and Planning
     Computer Science
     Information Science
     Integrative Physiology
     Psychology and Neuroscience
     School of Education
     Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences
     Students enrolled in graduate programs from other departments may request approval to

For more information on the Cognitive Science Courses contact:
Donna Caccamise
             Associate Director and Academic Program Director
             Institute of Cognitive Science