Graduate Program

The Coordinator of the Graduate Program is Professor Robert Mazzeo. He can be contacted at


The Department of Integrative Physiology offers a variety of graduate study opportunities that range from a coursework-only option to a research-intensive option. To facilitate maximal flexibility in the design of a student's program, the Department has established a minimum number of required courses that must be completed by all graduate students and the remainder of the program can be individualized to meet the long-term goals of the student. View list of Integrative Physiology graduate courses.


A graduate degree in Integrative Physiology provides opportunities for careers in academia, industry, and the health professions. The placement list of PhD and MS graduates indicates some of the jobs and educational programs that our graduate students have found after completion of the PhD or MS degree.

Degrees Offered

The graduate degrees offered are concurrent bachelors/masters degrees (BA/MS), a Master of Science degree (MS), and a Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD).

Concurrent Degree (B.A. and M.S.)

The Department offers a curriculum that enables University of Colorado students to receive the B.A. and M.S. degrees after a 5-year program of study. Interested students should attend the informational meeting in the Fall of their Junior year. Based on a comparison of GPAs, about 3 to 5 students will be admitted to the program each year. The program is structured to ensure that students finish both degrees within the 5-year period. More information is available from the student advisors, and at the Information Videos page.

Admission Requirements

Entering graduate students must have either an undergraduate preparation equivalent to the basic core course requirements in Integrative Physiology (see prerequisites below) at the University of Colorado or departmental approval of their academic preparation. The average GRE scores for current graduate students are 156 verbal, 152 quantitative and 4.3 writing.

To begin study in the fall semester of a given academic year, the deadline for submission of graduate applications is January 10 of that year (December 1 for international students). All documents indicated below must be received by January 10 for your application to be considered complete. Individuals seeking admission to the doctoral program should make every attempt to secure a potential mentor from the Department's graduate faculty prior to completing the formal application process.

For detailed information about the admission process, see Admission to the Graduate School.


Entering graduate students must have an undergraduate preparation equivalent to the basic core course requirements in Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado or departmental approval of their academic preparation for graduate study. The basic core requirements are:

  1. An introductory statistics or research design course;
  2. Human anatomy or comparative vertebrate anatomy;
  3. Human physiology or comparative animal physiology/lecture and lab.

For graduate degree requirements, please visit

Opportunities for Underrepresented Students

The Colorado Advantage Preview Weekend (November 2-4, 2017) provides an opportunity for underrepresented students to preview the doctoral programs in IPHY and other CU Boulder Science, Technology, Engineering and Math departments. Application details may be found at the Colorado Advantage web page.

Financial support

Teaching and research assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis. The standard appointment ranges from $12,120 for 9 months, plus a 6-credit tuition waiver/semester and 90% of the student health insurance plan up to $20,200 plus 9-18 credit tuition waiver and 90% of the student health insurance plan. Summer teaching assistantships are also available.

Ph.D. candidates are also eligible for University Fellowships (the typical award is $1,000 per year).

The Graduate School maintains an Awards page that lists several grants and fellowships available to graduate students at the University.

Forms for Current Graduate Students