Evan Winiger portrait

IBG graduate Evan Winiger's dissertation highlighted in Colorado Arts and Sciences Magazine

Aug. 20, 2021

IBG graduate Evan Winiger's (Ph.D. Psychology and Neuroscience, 2021) dissertation research on the relationship between marijuana use and sleep is discussed in an article in the Colorado Arts and Sciences Magazine.

Nomita Chhabildas receives Award for Excellence in Outreach and Engagement

July 5, 2021

IBG Research Associate Nomita Chhabildas received the Anne K Heinz Staff Award for Excellence in Outreach and Engagement.

Pamela Romero-Villela

IBG student Pamela Romero-Villela wins graduate research excellence award

May 11, 2021

Congratulations to IBG student Pamela Romero-Villela for winning the Graduate & Professional Student Government award for graduate excellence in research for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Behavior Genetics

Special issue of Behavior Genetics highlights contributions from the Workshop

May 1, 2021

A special issue of the journal Behavior Genetics highlights the contributions of the The International Workshop on Statistical Genetic Methods for Human Complex Traits which has been mostly hosted by IBG over the last 30+ years. The issue includes articles by IBG students, post-docs, and faculty including Jared Balbona ,...

A figure from the paper.

Research from IBG offers new insights into biology of response to treatment of psychiatric disorders

Feb. 1, 2021

IBG assistant professor Charles Hoeffer and IBG associate professer Marissa Ehringer, in a paper written by former IBG postdoc Helen Wong, publish research examining the biology of gender differences in response to psychiatric medication. They find differences between male and female mice in the function of the brain protein AKT.

Julia Potocnjak portrait

Graduate student Julia Potocnjak wins Figueroa Family Fellowship

Jan. 27, 2021

First year graduate student Julia Potocnjak has received a Figueroa Family Fellowship for her comitment to promoting a diverse student body.

Claire Morrison photo

Claire Morrison, IBG graduate student, won the Rowe award at BGA 2020

Aug. 31, 2020

Claire Morrison , a graduate student at IBG, won the Rowe award for best poster presentation at the 2020 BGA conference. The title of her poster is Latent genetic structure of sleep health and psychopathology.

Jared Balbona photo

Jared Balbona, IBG graduate student, won the Thompson award at the 2020 BGA conference

Aug. 31, 2020

Jared Balbona won the Thompson award for the best presentation by a student at the 2020 BGA conference. His talk was titled The nature of nurture revisited: Estimating the effect of vertical transmission using structural equation modeling. The paper can be found here .

Overview of strategy for identifying and studying CTR mutants.

Paper by James Cypser, Tom Johnson, and others, has won the Paper of the Year award in Cryobiology

June 29, 2020

The paper " Genetic suppression of cryoprotectant toxicity " from IBGers James Cypser and Tom Johnson , with co-authors Wallace S. Chick, Gregory M. Fahy, and Garrett J. Schumacher, has won the Arthur W. Rowe Best Paper Award recognizing the most outstanding paper published annually in Cryobiology in 2019.

Naomi Friedman portrait

IBG Faculty Fellow Naomi Friedman received the 2020 Department of Psychology and Neuroscience award for outstanding research

May 12, 2020

Congratulations to IBG Faculty Fellow Naomi Friedman who received the 2020 Department of Psychology and Neuroscience award for outstanding research. " Dr. Naomi Friedman is recognized as a world expert on executive functions - the set of cognitive processes necessary for the control of behavior - and their genetic underpinnings...