Published: April 15, 2024

Katie Paulich is poised to graduate with her PhD in behavioral genetics and has shown excellence and dedication to teaching throughout her training. Katie’s nomination was supported by multiple faculty letters of support, including from Drs. Matt Keller and Brooke Huibregtse Ketels, which highlighted her experience, skills, and dedication to teaching a wide variety of courses in our department. The statements and letters all painted a uplifting and compelling picture of Katie as an organized, compassionate, present-focused educator who goes the extra mile to support every student in the room. She was commended for her ability to honor diversity through active support mechanisms and flexibility.  The committee was particularly impressed by Katie’s independence with teaching and her experience taking on lead teaching roles at a level that is rare for graduate trainees.  Thank you for making a positive impact on the student experience in Psychology and congratulations, Katie!