Published: Sept. 23, 2020
Sally Wadsworth portrait
Chandra Reynolds portrait

Prof. Chandra Reynolds (UC Riverside) and IBG Senior Research Associate Sally Wadsworth have been awarded $11,310,764 to expand their study of the Colorado Adoption Project (CAP) and the Longitudinal Twin Study (LTS) for five more years (R01 AG046938). The expanded study will also include the UK Twins Early Development Study (TEDS), directed by Profs. Robert Plomin and Thalia Eley. The research program will use the twin/adoption design, along with polygenic score data (PGS), detailed cognitive batteries, physical health assessments, proposed biomarkers of accelerated aging that may participate in immune-inflammatory and neurotransmitter pathways, and neighborhood features to shed light on risk-resilience factors that account for midlife cognitive stability and change. Co-investigators include IBG Faculty Fellows John DeFries, Jarrod Ellingson, Luke Evans, Naomi Friedman, John Hewitt, Christopher Link, Soo Rhee, Andrew Smolen, and Michael Stallings, and IBG Senior Research Associate Robin Corley.

Press release from the University of California Riverside.