Published: April 18, 2019
Award Ceremony
Dr. Soo Rhee writes that Alta, who is on track to complete her Clinical Ph.D. as well as the IBG Interdisciplinary Certificate Program and the Graduate Certificate in Quantitative Methods for Behavioral Sciences, has been very active and productive in research in her time at CU.  She already has seven articles and a book chapter that have been published or are in press. Her master's thesis examined anger and depressive rumination as specific predictors of internalizing.  She is also the first author of a study examining the associations between neuroticism, rumination, and psychopathology, which is in press in Journal of Abnormal Psychology.  An article on externalizing psychopathology was recently published in Clinical Psychological Science. She is one of the most intrinsically motivated and enjoys all steps of the research process.  She has a high level of research integrity and is interested in obtaining the right answer to a question, even if it means a great deal of extra work such as learning a new statistical method.  Alta was just awarded the P.E.O. Scholar Award. As the award letter states, Alta’s scholarly excellence, academic achievement, and worthwhile career goals speaks to her ability to make a significant contribution to her field.  Given her excellent credentials and progress, Alta was awarded an institutional fellowship from the National Institute of Mental Health by the faculty at the Institute for Behavioral Genetics.