airport terminal with suspended globe and flagsThe minor is designed for students who want to expand their understanding of global issues and problems through a 19-credit curriculum. The IAFS minor not only complements programs of study in the Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, and Natural Sciences divisions of the College of Arts and Sciences, but it also enriches study in other schools and colleges. With the IAFS minor, students in Business, CMCI, Engineering, Music, and beyond can gain a global perspective to enhance their programs. 

Starting March 2023, students may declare a minor in International Affairs (IAFS) with the minor being effective in Summer 2023. The earliest that students may graduate with the IAFS minor is in Fall 2023.

Information on how to declare a minor is available here. If you have questions about the timeline of declaring and graduating with an IAFS minor, please reach out to your advisor or IAFS.

IAFS Minor Flyer


  • 19 credits of coursework 
    • 15 credits of upper division coursework 
  • All coursework applied to the minor must be completed with a grade of C- or better (no pass/fail work may be applied) 
  • The grade point average for all minor degree coursework must equal 2.00 (a grade of C) or higher 
  • Students may apply no more than 9 credit hours of transfer or study abroad course work towards the minor; all transfer or study abroad credit must be upper division to fulfill IAFS minor electives 
  • Each course completed for the minor may fulfill only one requirement. E.g., students may take up to 9 credits of approved IAFS 3000 topics, but an IAFS 3000 fulfilling the capstone requirement may not also fulfill an elective requirement.


  • IAFS 1000: Global Issues and International Affairs (4 credits) 
  • Four electives from the IAFS Functional Areas (12 credits)
    • Electives must be chosen from at least three of the four upper division IAFS Functional Areas:
      • Functional Area I: Development and Culture
      • Functional Area II: International Economics, Business, and Political Economy
      • Functional Area III: Political Geography, International Security, and Foreign Policy
      • Functional Area IV: Institutions, Rights, and Norms
    • Students cannot apply more than two IAFS Functional Area classes from one cognate department/discipline (e.g., PSCI, ECON)
  • Capstone - IAFS 3000: Special Topics in International Affairs (approved IAFS 3000 topics only) (3 credits)

Adding the IAFS Minor

For information on adding a minor, visit the Registrar's website about how to Change or Add a Major or Minor. Please note that the IAFS Minor will be available beginning March 2023, with it being effective in Summer 2023. And the earliest a student may graduate with the IAFS minor is the Fall of 2023. If you have questions about the timing of when you can declare or graduate with the IAFS minor, reach out to your advisor.