Internship Program Overview

martha at internship in africaThe IAFS 4930: Internship in International Affairs class offers credit for internationally-focused work with a variety of organizations in the United States and abroad. The class is offered for three credits and is open to junior and senior majors. IAFS 4930 includes an academic component, and combines the internship experience with relevant research and writing in international affairs. The university requires that students take the internship class during the semester that they are interning. Click below for a list of the approved IAFS 4930 internships to get ideas of where to do your internship. 

Approved IAFS 4930 Internships

Why do the internship class for credit?

Not only can students fulfill the Off-Campus Experience requirement through IAFS 4930, but an internship for credit also has other benefits. Some organizations require students to receive credit. Also, your internship will be part of your academic transcript for employers or graduate and professional schools. As well, the internship class allows students to reflect on their experiences in a structured way, and to connect those experiences to research that interests and motives them. Please note: all internships for IAFS 4930 must have clear international content.

Interested? Here are the next steps:

  • To get your internship approved and be enrolled in IAFS 4930, email IAFS Internship Director, Dr. Katherine Rousseau ( to set up a meeting
  • For your meeting with Dr. Rousseau, be prepared to discuss your internship and your research project ideas

  • After the meeting, students need to submit the IAFS 4930 Internship Agreement with their signature and their internship supervisor’s signature.
    • Please note: this is a DocuSign form that is automatically routed to the internship supervisor and internship director after the students fills it out. Add your name/email and your internship supervisor name/email on the first screen, and then you'll be sent to an online form with fillable fields. Click "Finish" when all fields are filled and you're done.
  • Once you have submitted your agreement and it is approved, the IAFS program coordinator can enroll you in IAFS 4930 for the semester or summer session.

Completing your Internship

Students should refer to the IAFS 4930 syllabus to review and understand the final steps and assignments for the class evaluation.

The supervisor evaluation form may be submitted by the student with their final project, or may be emailed by the internship supervisor directly to the IAFS Internship Director, Katherine Rousseau, at