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We are pleased to present the International Affairs Journal, a compilation of some of the best research papers from our undergraduate senior seminars, selected by our faculty. You will find an impressive range of topics that our students work on, and even more, a standard of excellence in research, interpretation, and writing that we’ve come to expect in the International Affairs Program. So please, read one, and be in touch with us if you’d like more information on these topics or their authors.

The IAJ publishes high-level research papers from International Affairs Program (IAFS) majors in the College of Arts and Science at CU Boulder. Our goal is to promote and encourage interdisciplinary undergraduate research in the program and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Submission and Review process

Published research papers are nominated by the faculty of IAFS 4500 senior seminars each semester. If a student would like to have their paper considered, they should reach out to their professor. Selections are reviewed by a representative from the IAFS faculty and when possible, a representative from our students. The current editor is Dr. Tom Zeiler, IAFS Director and Professor of History.