HONR 3900-880: Honors Internship Course

Engage in hands-on work in the community and gain practical knowledge and real-world experience. The course (HONR 3900-880) is designed to help students combine professional experiences with an academic component that involves critical thinking and interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving. Benefits of the course include acquiring professional skills and knowledge, building a network of connections, developing insights on possible career options, and applying classroom material to real-world experiences.

Enrolling in the class:

Students must be Honors eligible (cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher) and be of sophomore, junior, or senior standing at the time of the internship. Enrollment preference will be given to students enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Honors Studies Certificate Program. However, it is not a requirement to be a certificate student to take the internship course.

You must submit an application before you can be enrolled. It's a pretty simple application; it's just a way for us to understand what your goals are and what you are thinking about doing.  It will take you about 3-5 minutes to fill out, and you can find the link at the bottom of this webpage.  Your internship location DOES NOT need to be secured by the application due date, but does need to be secured by the first day of the semester. 

  • May 15th is the deadline for fall semester internships (yes, we've extended the deadline!)
  • December 1st is the deadline for spring semester internships

Since the Honors Program is offering an internship class, internship credit cannot be given to students as an independent study or without class enrollment. The class will be offered in both Fall and Spring semesters. Specific questions about the course should be directed to the internship coordinator, Dr. Ali Hatch (alison.hatch@colorado.edu).

Credit and Time Requirements:

Students will receive 3 credits for completing a minimum of 100 internship hours. While your schedule can vary, this works out to be 6-7 hours of internship work each week for fifteen weeks. Additionally, students will meet for a fifty-minute class every other Monday. The class cannot be repeated for additional credits. Credit cannot be given retroactively.  See the course listing for the semester you'd like to enroll in for specific class meeting dates.


The final letter grade is based on the evaluation of the students’ internship supervisor and on class performance. Class assignments will include journal reflections on internship experience and the completion of a career portfolio.

Getting an Internship:

Students are expected to arrange and secure their own internship locations. It is recommended that you seek internships early. Potential internships can be found on Handshake, the Volunteer Resource Center, and through a list maintained by the Honors Program (to see the Honors Program list, reach out to the internship coordinator). While most internships are unpaid, a student can receive credit for a paid internship with approval by the internship coordinator. Students CANNOT receive credit for regular work experience or for any work that involves illegal activities (based on federal and/or state law). Shadowing a professional does not classify as an internship. Internships can be in any sector (e.g., business, non-profit, government, health). Internships can be on or off campus. Counting your work in an on-campus lab as an internship will need pre-approval from the internship coordinator. While most internships will be in person, you can receive credit for a virtual internship with prior approval by the internship coordinator. Internship site approval is at the discretion of the internship coordinator. If you are having difficulties in securing an internship, or would like recommendations or guidance, please contact the internship coordinator.

Click here to email the internship coordinator, Dr. Ali Hatch

Apply for the Honors Internship course here