Do graduate students receive funding?

Yes, our admissions package usually includes funding for all graduate students. Usually 5 years for PhD, and 2 years for MA students.

Do you provide funding for MA students?

Yes, we provide 2 years of funding for MA students.

What does graduate funding consist of?

Graduate funding consists of TA-ship (12-20 hours of teaching assistance per week) and fellowship (for most students; reserved for the last year of PhD program.) Graduate funding covers tuition, fees and 90% of health insurance, in addition to a stipend.

Do you provide graduate funding for non-US citizens?

Yes, we provide funding for non-US citizens. But due to the high cost of non-resident tuition, non-US citizen students may receive all of their funding in TA-ships. Fellowships may be offered to non-US citizen students if there is funding availability.


Attendance requirements

Do you provide part-time options for graduate studies?

Those on department funding do not have the option of part-time attendance. Part-time attendance is only allowed when students are self-funded, and it must be approved by the graduate director on a semester-by-semester basis. We do not recommend part-time attendance, as it will be more difficult for students to complete the program within the allowed length of attendance. According to the graduate school rule, you must complete the MA program in 4 years and PhD program in 6 years.

Do you have an online option for graduate studies?

No, we do not provide an online option for graduate studies.

Can MA program be completed in 18 months?

No, the MA program cannot be completed in 18 months. Our course offerings are such that you will not be able to complete all the required courses within three semesters.

Can PhD program be completed in 3 years?

Acquisition of the PhD degree is not possible within 3 years, but you can advance to candidacy in 3 years with completion of all coursework and portfolio defense. 


Testing and other requirements

Do I need to take the GRE?


Do I need to take the TOEFL? Do you acknowledge any other English competence tests?

Please send all questions regarding English competence tests to the graduate school.

Do I need a BA in history to apply?

No. You need a BA degree to apply, but the BA degree does not need to be in history.


Admission process

What do I write in the Personal Statement of Purpose?

In the Statement of Purpose, please lay out the following:

  1. Your research agenda - what kind of research project you would like to pursue in graduate school
  2. Demonstrate your capability to carry out this project - if your research requires a foreign language, for example, state your competence level in this foreign language; let us know if you have previous research experience
  3. The fit - tell us why you think CU Boulder history department is the optimal place for you to carry out this research project. List the faculty members you would like to work with. List faculty members that are likely to be your advisors.
  4. Please also state your career goals — do you plan to go into academia, teaching, publishing? If you are an MA applicant, do you plan to pursue a PhD afterwards?
  5. If applicable, please also state aspects of your personal life that is relevant to the admission consideration.

How long should the Personal Statement of Purpose be?

There is no set word limit, but 1000-1500 words is the recommended length.

What does the admissions committee look for in the writing sample?

In the writing sample, we look for indications of solid writing skills, research skills, research language skills, and good historical reasoning (if the sample is a historical work). Choose a writing sample that can optimally demonstrate the above abilities. Excerpts from an undergraduate research paper, honors thesis, or a Master’s thesis would be all good candidates for a writing sample. (Please limit your writing sample to 20 pages, 12 point font, with standard margins.)

Is the admission on a rolling basis? Do I have a higher chance of getting admission if I apply earlier than the deadline?

We have only one admission cycle. We begin reviewing all admissions at the same time after the posted deadline. There are no preferential treatments given to applications submitted earlier.

How is the admission decided? Is it mandatory that I contact a potential advisor? Does the potential advisor determine if I get an admission?

All final admissions are decided centrally, but you are encouraged to contact a potential advisor to find out about your research fit and their availability.

Do you offer admission fee waivers?

We offer limited admission fee waivers to those who demonstrate financial difficulty. Waivers depend on availability of department funds and are provided on a first-come-first-served basis. Please email the graduate assistant to request a waiver after you have submitted your application.