The History Teaching & Learning Project (HTLP) is a department-wide pedagogy project aimed at rethinking and improving undergraduate history education at the University of Colorado Boulder, focused on these central goals: determining student learning objectives in the discipline and for the History Department at CU Boulder; assessing how we teach our courses and how we might improve our pedagogy by engaging with the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) in history; considering how we might refresh our major to better reflect the outcomes of these discussions; and more clearly communicating the value of an undergraduate education in history to our students and the public at large. HTLP launched in 2017, when the History Department received a grant from the College of Arts and Sciences' Undergraduate Education Development Program to support the project, including the hire of Natalie Mendoza who served as project lead from 2017-2019. After two years of active support and focus, the History Department continues to advance practices and conversations begun with HTLP, such as cultivating a culture of scholarly teaching, in part through an annual faculty Working Group.

Cover of Teaching History Journal


Hughes, Richard and Natalie Mendoza. "Assessment in the History Classroom" Teaching History: A Journal of Methods (Fall 2019): 52-56.