We understand that our lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (+) identified students are part of a diverse community of individuals with varied experiences, health concerns and access to resources.

At Medical Services, we strive to offer comprehensive and affirming care, with medical providers who have experience with and a passion for addressing the specific needs of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender and questioning patients. Our providers are all trained in providing care that is free from discrimination, aware of individuals’ specific health risks and needs and open to patients’ concerns.

For more information about our clinical services, use the links below:

Insurance and Billing

All students can access Medical Services regardless of health insurance coverage. You can use your own private insurance, BuffCare or CU Gold SHIP and BuffCare. 

Out-of-pocket costs vary based on the type and severity of the visit.


If you are over 18, your medical record is not accessible to others unless you sign a release of information. Also, remember that if you are on an insurance plan that is owned by a family member, some codes and charges may be visible to the policy owner. You can discuss this further with your insurance plan, as well as with Student Health Insurance and Referrals at 303-492-5107.

Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)

Our clinic offers Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention. If you are interested in PrEP counseling, prescription initiation and on-going maintenance, please contact Wardenburg Health Center at 303-492-5432.

Gender Affirming Care

We have a team of health providers knowledgeable and supportive of the medical aspects of trans health and provide trans-specific health care services. We are excited to assist you with your care.

Lived Name or Chosen Name

Patients can include a preferred name on their medical record as well as designate their gender as transgender. Please share this information with your provider to ensure your record is updated. We also encourage patients to share their pronoun of choice with our health care staff during their visit.

If you've changed your legal name and would like to ensure it's updated in our system, please visit our Billing Office in Wardenburg Health Center or call 303-492-4196

Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy

If you are interested in starting or continuing gender affirming hormone therapy, please schedule a consult appointment with Mary Beth Haas, WHNP, Sally Lowell, FNP or Jennifer Walsh, WHNP. They are trained in and use the current WPATH Standards of Care to initiate and manage hormone replacement therapy.

To schedule an appointment call 303-492-5432

Individual and Group Counseling

Staff at Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) are experienced with trans-related issues and are able to write letters for coverage if needed. For a complete list of services visit the CAPS website.

If you have specific questions or would like a CAPS provider recommendation, feel free to contact CAPS' Pride Office liaison, Matthew Heermann, PsyD, at 303-492-5654.

CAPS offers a Transgender and Gender Creative Group, which is free for all students and does not require Gold Insurance. 

To schedule an appointment with CAPS or for more information, call 303-492-2277.

Gender Affirming Surgical Options

The CU Gold Health Insurance Plan covers unlimited surgical benefits. For referral letters to a surgeon (your surgeon may or may not require such a letter) make an appointment with Gender-Affirming Care Team at Wardenburg Health Center, 303-492-5432. If your surgeon requires two letters you will also want to see a CAPS provider. To schedule, call CAPS at 303-492-2277.  

If you work with an out-of-state surgeon, the Gender-Affirming Care Team can provide post-surgical care upon your return.

Insurance Questions and Resources

The Student Health Insurance and Referrals department has insurance staff members that can review Gold Plan benefits and processes, answer questions and connect you with our health plan administrator at Ameriben when you are ready to proceed.

For more information or to schedule a private in-person or phone conversation, please contact our Student Health Insurance and Referrals department at 303-492-5107.

Gender-Inclusive Bathrooms

Wardenburg Health Center:
Third floor: From the main stairwell, turn right down the hallway and take a quick left down the perpendicular hallway. The gender-neutral bathroom is the second door on the left.

Center for Community:
There are multiple gender-inclusive restrooms on the fourth floor of the C4C just down the hall from CAPS.

The CU Campus Map includes a complete list of campus gender-neutral restrooms.

Additional Campus Resources

  • Center for Inclusion and Social Change: If you need information on how to go about changing your name to a preferred name on campus, legal name changes, how to change your gender marker or any other questions please contact the Morgan Seamont (trans guy and resource specialist) at the Gender and Sexuality Center: 303-492-7218 or seamont@colorado.edu.
  • CU’s Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic (SLHC): Offers voice training for trans individuals.  While this program is not covered by CU Gold insurance it is available on a sliding-scale and has been very successful.  You do not need to be on hormones to use these services. Contact the SLHC at 303-492-3066 for more information.