Two students bundled in sweaters standing on a hilltop overlooking colorful fall foliage.

Whether you’re together in person or currently in a long distance relationship, these fall-inspired dates are sure to keep the spark alive.

Visit a pumpkin patch

Enjoy the fall season with an Instagram-worthy trip to the pumpkin patch. This is also a great opportunity to pick out the perfect pumpkin to carve with these CU-inspired designs.

Here are some local pumpkin patches near Boulder:

 Best for: celebrating festive fall vibes.


Hit the gym

Spend quality time together by visiting the Rec Center. There are plenty of couple-friendly activities to do including working out, running on the track, playing a match of tennis, bouldering in the climbing gym or swimming laps.

Best for: finding your swole-mate.

Enjoy an art walk

As part of their Street Wise art project, Boulder has turned blank walls around town into canvases for an inspired selection of local artists. Discover local artists and explore street art with Boulder’s interactive map of murals. Feeling adventurous? Plan a day trip to Denver to explore a variety of local art districts that feature a variety of artists, styles and stories.

Best for: enjoying a stroll around town.

Visit a local attraction

There are many museums, zoos and art centers around Boulder and Denver. Take your date on a fun day trip to one of these local attractions:

Best for: nerding out together.


Watch scary/Halloween movies together

Grab whatever snacks you have on hand and get ready for the ultimate at-home movie date night. Often, one of the toughest parts of a movie night can be choosing what to watch. If you’re feeling stuck, you can use Date Night Movies to help you decide. You and your significant other each choose a movie you’d be excited to see and the app generates titles that are a happy medium. After you’ve chosen a title, find it online through popular streaming channels or you can even rent movies from RedBox online. If you're long distance, you can start the movie at the same time or use apps like Netflix Party or Kast to share videos, movies and shows across devices. Remember to message each other or connect over video to share your reactions and chat about the movie.

Here are some fall-tastic movies available to stream:

  • The Shining (HBO)
  • Hocus Pocus (Disney+)
  • Parasite (Hulu)
  • Doctor Sleep (HBO)
  • The Ring (Hulu)

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (Disney+)
  • The Addams Family (Pluto)
  • Hubie Halloween (Netflix)
  • Tucker and Dale vs Evil (Amazon)

Best for: fighting the Monday scaries with Sunday scaries.

Cook or bake together

Look through your pantries to find common ingredients and select a recipe to make together. It can be as simple as baking cookies, spaghetti with marinara or breakfast for dinner. If you're long distance, set up a time to video chat with one another and get cooking! If you’re feeling competitive, turn it into a cooking competition (minus Gordon Ramsay). Afterwards, sit down and enjoy the meal together and spend time catching up with one another.

Here are a few simple fall recipes you can try:

Best for: a romantic dinner a la carte.

Explore your love language

While it can be helpful for everyone to know their partner’s love language, it can be especially useful when you’re in a long distance relationship. Each of us gives and receives love differently. Knowing what makes you and your partner feel loved can help you deepen your relationship, even if you’re apart. Take the 5 Love Languages quiz and share your results. Talk through the ways you feel most loved whether it’s words of affirmation, gifts, quality time, physical touch or acts of service.

Best for: basically everyone.

Solve a virtual escape room

Are you a fan of puzzles, mysteries or riddles? Team up with your significant other to solve a virtual escape room! There are lots of free options available online, including:

If you prefer in-person puzzles, be sure to check out local Escape Rooms around Boulder or Denver.

Best for: bringing out your competitive sides.

Make a playlist for each other

Do you ever hear a song and think about a specific person? Perhaps it reminds you of their laugh, a time you spent together or maybe it just gives you all the feels. Take some time to create a playlist for each other. Listen to it when you’re having a rough day or missing your partner.

Best for: telling someone how you feel when you don’t have all the words figured out. 

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