Girl standing in front of her window as she pulls back the blinds and lets the sunlight in.

Feeling better may seem out of reach right now, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 3 things you can do to start feeling better this week.

1: Let there be light

If you aren’t able to go outside or are feeling stressed out, open your blinds and windows in the morning to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. This can help improve your mood and brighten up your space. A cool fall breeze may also help you breathe a little easier.

2: Wash your sheets

While this may sound more like a chore than a sweet relief, sleeping in fresh sheets can bring us peace and comfort. Give your sheets a wash and bundle yourself in the comfort of warm blankets fresh from the dryer. 

3: Enjoy some me time

Showering and getting ready even if we're not going anywhere can help us feel refreshed. If you need some “me time” away from your roommates or housemates, taking a shower can also be a great escape. Showering is one way to practice basic self-care, and it allows us uninterrupted privacy to cry, sing, dance or let our emotions flood out in peace.

If you are struggling with sleep, body image, diet, stress management or self-care, be sure to join the free virtual Healthy Living Workshop from Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS). This weekly workshop meets every Wednesday from 12 to 1 p.m. Providers from CAPS and Medical Services cover a number of wellness topics and provide tips for students.

If you or someone you know feels overwhelmed or is struggling to cope, Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) offers a number of mental health services to students, including brief individual counseling, groups, consultations and crisis support. Learn more about how to get connected with CAPS

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