Constitution and Bylaws of the CU Boulder Multicultural Greek Council

Acknowledging that, historically and contemporarily, the student populace, administration, and culture of the University of Colorado on the Boulder campus decidedly favors the profile of traditional candidates to fulfill the university’s mission of being a state flagship educational institution, we seek to establish and create a sorority and fraternal order that will serve as a liaison or conduit to and with the University to form a more spirited and diverse cooperative that will enhance and strengthen the University as the state of Colorado’s premier educational institution for all of Colorado’s constituency especially in the realm of racial and ethnic diversity. In order to do this, and in good faith, with the University, we the organization of the Multicultural Greek Council (Multicultural Greek Council) of the University of Colorado Boulder, do hereby establish the following Constitution and Bylaws as a basis for the productive governance of our affairs within the student body and for efficacy in promulgating diversity enhancement.