Founded in 1987 through a Lockheed Martin endowment, the Engineering Management Program (EMP) serves students who are seeking career advancement and new management opportunities in the engineering and technology arenas. The program is designed for working professionals who want to develop in-depth managerial and entrepreneurial skills specific to engineering and the applied sciences. The degree is focused on preparing the next generation of engineering leaders by offering a top-quality, masters-level engineering management program available on-campus or through distance education. The portability and flexibility of the distance option enables the student to balance an advanced degree with a fast-paced career and life. The curriculum focuses on the unique requirements of technical management, including: finance and accounting, project management, quality and productivity, process management, leadership and entrepreneurship. This degree is available completely online via distance education. 

Degrees and Certificates Offered

ME in Engineering Management, Graduate Certificates

Opportunities for dual degrees include

Distance Education

The ME in Engineering Management and all the certificates are available for completion through distance education. Learn more about distance education.

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