The GPSG Fee is one of the mandatory fees CU Boulder charges to all graduate and professional students each semester. This fee funds the majority of the operating costs of GPSG, with additional funding coming from CUSG. CUSG contributions are also funded through a mandatory fee, the Student Activity Fee. The GPSG Fee is the only fee GPSG has any direct control over.

How much is the GPSG fee?

The fee is currently $11.63/semester per student. The last increase occurred in 2021 from $7.50/semester. Before that, the most recent increase was in 2017.

Who sets the GPSG fee?

Changes to the GPSG Fee undergo a multistage approval process. First, the GPSG Assembly proposes changes and votes on whether to adopt them or not as part of the annual budget approval process that takes place in the Fall. Once changes are approved in the Assembly, the proposal must be approved by the Vice Chancellor and submitted to the CU Boulder Fee Advisory Board for endorsement and approval. At any time during the proposal and review cycle, a fee proposal may be disapproved by the Chancellor, Provost, or Senior Vice Chancellor/Chief Financial Officer at their discretion. The CU Board of Regents has final approval or veto power over the fee proposal. More information on the fee proposal process can be found here.

How is the GPSG fee used?

The fee covers the majority of GPSG’s operating budget including funding for social events, awards and grants, overhead technology and supply costs, and stipends to compensate GPSG executives, officers, and assembly senators. The full budget approved for the 2021-2022 academic year can be found here. Budgets from past years can also be found in this folder if available.

Want to have a say in how the GPSG fee is used?

Contact your college/school senator or department representative. Assembly meetings are also open to the public and anyone is welcome to attend and comment.

For general enquiries about the GPSG budget or the fee approval process, please contact the Director of Finance at