What does GPSG do?

The Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) represents graduate and professional students at the University of Colorado Boulder. We support initiatives that empower graduate and professional students’ ability to pursue their goals and promote actions that benefit their academic, professional and socioeconomic well-being. As graduate students ourselves, we strive to establish and uphold the principles of shared governance, where graduate and professional students may be able to participate in all discussions regarding their condition as students, researchers, instructors and employees.

How is GPSG structured?

The Assembly includes representatives from each college/school on campus, including professional programs. They meet regularly to discuss how to improve the graduate student experience at CU Boulder.

Officers do more behind-the-scenes work. Specifically, officers meet regularly with the Graduate School and other administrators to promote academic, professional, and socio-economic well-being. We also select members to represent graduate students on campus boards and committees.

What has GPSG accomplished?

Here are some of our recent big wins!

  • Paid parental leave
  • Dental insurance
  • Partial fee coverage for students on appointment
  • Stipend increases across the university
  • Increase graduate student representation on important committees
    • Dean of Students Search Committee
    • Graduate School Strategic Planning Committee
    • Center for Teaching and Learning Search Committees
  • Improved institutional support of GPSG from the administration
    • Changed how our budget is managed
    • Obtained official emails
  • Provided feedback on the upcoming Climate and Workplace Culture (CWC) and SERU surveys
  • Suggestions led to changes in the CWC which will improve the actionability of results

You can find a list of our recent announcements and other news on our newsfeed.

What is GPSG currently working on?

  • Reducing the burden of student fees
    • We have been advocating for decreased CUSG fees through our CUSG Senator and arguing against fee increases on the Fee Advisory Board
  • Mental health resources and accessibility
  • ADA accommodations for our roles as students and employees
  • Advocacy for graduate students at both the state and federal levels
    • For example, supporting OPT programs and H1B visas
  • Advocating for policies and resources to help graduate students during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Student-initiated committees, which will be staffed by members of the Assembly
How can I get involved?
  • Represent your department in the Assembly! Our meetings are open to everyone. Check out our calendar for upcoming meetings.
  • Engage in the community. We hold regular events for graduate and professional students and their families. If you have an idea for an event, reach out to our Director of Social Events.
  • Start a project. GPSG offers funding for students wanting to make a difference in the CU community. Check out our available awards and grants.
  • Join a committee on campus and represent your peers. Check out our available openings.
How can I stay updated?
Who can I contact if I have a question?

Below is a list of our officers and a short description of what they do. You can reach out to them directly, or if you are not sure who is best to contact, reach out to us at gpsg@colorado.edu 

  • Chief of Staff (chiefofstaff.gpsg@colorado.edu) -  Works with executive team to manage logistics internal to GPSG.
  • President of Outreach (outreach.gpsg@colorado.edu) - Manages officers on Outreach team. Connects with advocacy groups and CU administration with the executive team.
    • CU Student Government Senators (senator.gpsg@colorado.edu) - Represents GPSG at CU Student Government Legislative Council. Represents graduate student interests on other boards or commissions.
    • Director of Legislative Affairs (legislative.gpsg@colorado.edu) - Advocates for legislative initiatives at the state and national level that benefit graduate and professional students. Interacts with legislative efforts through the National Association for Graduate and Professional Students.
  • President of Administration (administration.gpsg@colorado.edu) - Manages officers on Administration team. Connects with CU administration with the executive team.
    • Director of Data Analysis (data.gpsg@colorado.edu) - Collects and analyzes student data, such as financial and housing. Generates reports to share with administration and stakeholders.
    • Director of Finance (finance.gpsg@colorado.edu) - Manages the annual budget. Oversees grant nominations and grading.
  • President of Engagement (engagement.gpsg@colorado.edu) - Manages officers on Engagement team. Develops GPSG branding and communications along with connecting with CU administration with the executive team.
    • Director of Content (content.gpsg@colorado.edu) - Manages social media and creates other marketing content.
    • Director of Social Events (social.gpsg@colorado.edu) - Organizes social events for graduate student community and their families. Assists with advertising events and resources around campus.
    • Director of Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives (diversity.gpsg@colorado.edu) - Organizes events such as listening sessions and social events that are inclusive for all students. Connects with diversity and inclusion initiatives on campus.