The Colorado Federation for Graduate Students (CFGS) was founded in 2018 by members of CU Boulder, Anschutz, Colorado School of Mines (CSM), Colorado State University (CSU), and University of Denver (DU). CFGS was founded in response to issues that affect graduate and professional students across the state. CFGS is recognized by the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students (NAGPS) and the Western Region of NAGPS.

CFGS’s current active members are CU Boulder, CSM, and DU, and those members are working to expand membership to be more inclusive of higher education institutions statewide. CFGS’s current priorities for 21-22 include:

  1. Protections for International Students – Amongst other issues, the state legislature should ensure our international students can remain part of their respective campus communities and have the housing and financial security needed to continue their degree progress uninterrupted. The latest round of CARES funding also excludes funding for international students. Furthermore, international students do not qualify for federal benefits such as Medicare or SNAP and CFGS would like to see a more robust safety net for those contributing to the prestige and state-of-knowledge in the publicly funded research institutions in Colorado.

  2. Diversity and Inclusion – Universities must lobby the current administration to roll back the antiquated and xenophobic rulings of the Trump administration which barred D&I initiatives at institutions that receive federal funding. However, the university receives pressure from Colorado to separate itself from the colonial and white supremacist foundations upon which it was built. Colorado has a role to preserve the right to an education for all students without fear of discrimination, retaliation, and marginalization.

  3. Higher Education Funding – Public higher education institutions in Colorado have had to become increasingly reliant on funding from private sources, federal grants, and student tuition and fees. These increases in tuition and fees present an economic barrier that perpetuates socio-economic inequities. Colorado’s antiquated tax structure has a significant impact on student recruitment and retention across the state. Colorado’s higher education system is held back by this regressive taxation system which disproportionately benefits the wealthiest stakeholders within higher education.

CU Boulder is represented at CFGS by the Director of Legislative Affairs, supported by the GPSG Executives. They can be reached with questions or concerns at

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