The original mission and continuing core effort of the GIS / CAD Office is to archive and provide access to the record construction documents (as-builts) that have used to build and renovate the CU Boulder Campus (buildings, site, and miscellaneous structures) since its' inception.  All original paper-based drawings have been scanned and are stored digitally (as PDFs) for ease of access. Some of these scans are of original drawings of buildings that are more than 100 years old and are historically significant. These original paper drawings are now housed at CU's Heritage Center in the Old Main building. Since the inception of the digital age and use of AutoCAD and REVIT, we store record drawings in these formats as well as PDFs (availability of REVIT varies by project).

We use a document management system called Meridian that allows us to search these archives by individual drawing sheets using attributes such as discipline, floor level, drawing type, etc. If you are a staff member of Facilities Management, you can access these archives right from your desk. Otherwise, if you are a student or researching for a project, you are welcome to visit our office to use Meridian to access the drawings. Please contact us at and we will be happy to help find documents for you.

 Request access to archived construction documents

Use this webform when requesting access to specific floor plans or archived construction documents.