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Solid Earth

Name Research Focus Affiliation(s)*
Bob Anderson Geomorphology GEOL and INSTAAR
Michael Calkins Geophysical and astrophysical fluid dynamics PHYS
Lang Farmer Radiogenic isotope geochemistry GEOL and CIRES
Khosro Ghobadi-Far Space geodesy ASEN and CIRES
Craig Jones
Program Committee Chair
Geophysics and tectonics GEOL and CIRES
Karl Mueller Coseismic growth and effects of erosion on active structures. Compressive structures on Mars and Mercury and their relation to heat flow. GEOL
Steve Nerem Program Committee Satellite altimetry, geodesy ASEN and CIRES
Michael Ritzwoller Seismology and Earth Structure, Imaging, Ambient Noise tomography PHYS
Anne Sheehan Seismology, Geophysics, Plate Tectonics, and Earth Structure GEOL and CIRES
Kristy Tiampo Geodetic and remote sensing data used to better understand the processes that govern natural and anthropogenic hazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, groundwater extraction and induced seismicity and their impact on infrastructure and society GEOL and CIRES
Paul Weimer Sequence stratigraphy and basin analysis, 3-D seismic interpretation, reservoir geology, petroleum systems of deep-water continental margins GEOL
Michael Willis Current and future contributions of land based ice are to changing sea level. (now CU Adjunct; moved to Virginia Tech) GEOL and CIRES
Shijie Zhong
Program Committee
Dynamics of the Planetary Interiors PHYS


Name Research Focus Affiliation(s)
Dan Baker Magnetospheres of Earth and planets APS and LASP
David Brain Plasma environments and atmospheres of unmagnetized planets APS and LASP
Bob Ergun Auroral processes at Earth and Jupiter APS and LASP
Larry Esposito Observational and theoretical studies of planetary atmospheres APS and LASP
Paul Hayne
Program Committee
Surfaces and atmospheres of icy planets and moons APS and LASP
Brian Hynek Geologic, hydrologic, and climatic histories of the planet Mars GEOL and LASP
Bruce Jakosky Planetary surfaces and astrobiology GEOL and LASP
Nick Schneider Planetary atmospheres, planetary astronomy, space physics, instrumentation, and scientific visualization APS and LASP

Snow and Ice

Name Research Focus Affiliation(s)
Waleed Abdalati
Program Committee
Glaciers, ice sheets, and environmental remote sensing CIRES, ESOC, and GEOG
Ute Herzfeld
Program Committee
Glaciology, sea ice research, geomathematics, geophysics, active and passive remote sensing ECEE and CIRES
Tad Pfeffer
Program Committee
Glaciology and geophysics CVEN and INSTAAR
Marc Serreze Arctic climate; global implications; and climate warming in the Arctic CIRES, NSIDC, and GEOG


Name Research Focus Affiliation(s)
Fran Bagenal Magnetospheres of the giant planets APS and LASP
Peter Bender Space geodesy JILA and PHYS
Roger Bilham Crustal deformation measurement, space geodesy, and seismotectonics of plate
boundaries. Global seismic hazard.
Robert Engdahl Seismology, Earth structure, and earthquakes PHYS
James Faller Gravimetry instrumentation PHYS and JILA
Alex Goetz Remote sensing of Earth materials GEOL and CIRES
Anatoly Levshin Seismology, surface waves, and Earth structure PHYS
Stephen Mojzsis Geophysical and geochemical dynamics of planet formation GEOL
Doug Robertson Geodesy, earth rotation, gravity CIRES and NOAA
Joseph Smyth Mineral Physics: crystal structure controls on physical and chemical properties of minerals as related to the structure and composition of the Earth's mantle GEOL
Hartmut Spetzler Rock and mineral physics GEOL and CIRES
James Syvitski Sediment transport, oceanography, marine geophysics, numerical modeling GEOL and INSTAAR