Oversight of the program is provided by the Geophysics Program Committee (the Committee), appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School. Each participating department nominates one of its faculty members to the Dean for appointment to the Committee. Appointments to the Committee are for three years and are renewable. The Dean, after consulting the Committee members, appoints one of the members as Chair. In the event that a subfield of geophysics is added as a new option under the program, and that field is not adequately represented by the departmental members of the Committee, the Dean of the Graduate School may appoint an additional faculty member, with appropriate disciplinary expertise, to the Committee.

The committee is responsible for developing the policies and procedures under which the program operates, within the general regulations of the graduate school. Specific responsibilities include: accepting students into the program (but not into the Graduate School, see Entry); setting the prerequisite and graduate course requirements; establishing the procedures for and the administration of the Comprehensive Examination; and general oversight of the dissertation defense.

Committee Members

Name E-mail Phone Number
Craig Jones (Chair) cjones@colorado.edu (303) 492-6994
Paul Hayne Paul.Hayne@lasp.colorado.edu (303) 735-6399
Steve Nerem nerem@Colorado.edu (303) 492-6721
Tad Pfeffer Tad.Pfeffer@Colorado.EDU (303) 492-3480
Waleed Abdalati waleed.abdalati@colorado.edu (303) 492-5087
Shijie Zhong szhong@colorado.edu (303) 735-5095
Ute Herzfeld ute.herzfeld@colorado.edu (303) 492-9066