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Geophysics Ph.D. Program

Geophysics Ph.D. course requirements: 1) The three-semester Earth and Planetary Physics I, II, and III; 2) One semester of graduate-level applied mathematics (see "Approved Math Courses," below); 3) Irregularly scheduled seminars on topics in solid earth geophysics; 4) Additional courses of his or her own choosing (see 'Possible Additional Courses,' below).

Ph.D. Core Courses
ASTR/GEOL/PHYS 6610 (3) Earth and Planetary Physics 1. (Seismology)
ASTR/GEOL/PHYS 6620 (3) Earth and Planetary Physics 2. (Geodesy)
ASTR/GEOL/PHYS 6630 (3) Earth and Planetary Physics 3. (Geodynamics)
ASTR/GEOL/PHYS 6650 (1-3) Geophysics Seminar
Approved Math Courses
PHYS/MATH 5030 (3) Intermediate Mathematical Physics 1
APPM 5350 (3) Methods in Applied Mathematics: Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems
ASTR 5540 (3) Mathematical Methods
MCEN 5020 (3) Methods of Engineering Analysis 1

The student must take additional courses of his or her own choosing. The CU Graduate School requires a total of at least 30 semester credit hours. It is expected that the student, in consultation with his or her thesis advisor, will choose courses that are compatible with the student's research interests. Possible courses could include, but are not restricted to, the following. (Grayed out courses are not currently in the catalog)

Possible Additional Courses
APPM 7300 (3) Nonlinear Waves and Integrable Equations
ASEN 5050 (3) Space Flight Dynamics
ASEN 5090 (3) Introduction to the Global Navigation Satellite Systems
ASEN 5245 (3) Radar and Remote Sensing
ASEN 5307 (3) Engineering Data Analysis Methods
ASEN 5335 (3) Aerospace Environment
ASEN 6090 (3) Advanced Global Navigation Satellite Systems Software and Applications
ASEN 6519 (3) Special Topics: Advanced Astrodynamics and Celestial
ASTR 5300 (3) Magnetospheres
ASTR 5400 (3) Introduction to Fluid Dynamics
ASTR/PHYS 5140 (3) Astrophysical & Space Plasmas
ASTR/PHYS 5150 (3) Plasma Physics
ASTR/GEOL 5800 (3) Planetary Surfaces and Interiors
ASTR/ATOC/GEOL 5820 (3) Origin and Evolution of Planetary Systems
CVEN 5131 (3) Continuum Mechanics and Elasticity
CVEN 5718 (3) Mechanics and Dynamics of Glaciers
CVEN 5768 (3) Introduction to Rock Mechanics
CVEN 6595 (3) Earthquake Engineering
GEOG 5231 (4) Physical Climatology: Field methods [no longer listed]
GEOL 5110 (3) Geomechanics
GEOL 5240 (4) Remote Sensing Image Analysis [not currently in catalog; GEOL5093 possible replacement]
GEOL 5550 (3) Petroleum Reservoir Characterization and Modeling
GEOL 5690 (3) Tectonics of the Western U.S.
GEOL 5714 (2) Field Geophysics
GEOL/PHYS 6670 (3) Geophysical Inverse Theory
MCEN 5023 (3) Solid Mechanics 1
MCEN 7123 (3) Dynamics of Continuous Media [no longer in catalog]

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