Paul Weimer
Bruce D. Benson Endowed Chair • Director • Research Associate
Geological Sciences • EMARC • Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Office: BESC 362


My principal areas of research are four broad areas:

(1) The petroleum systems of deepwater margins, which comprises integrated studies in regional seismic and sequence stratigraphic analyses, reservoir geology, 3-D seismic interpretation, biostratigraphy, structural analyses, and petroleum systems modeling. Our work has included studies in numerous deepwater basins globally.

(2) Detailed studies concentrate on the evolution of depositional settings within a sequence stratigraphic framework. Our work has included studies in numerous basins globally.

(3) Unconventional resources, primarily tight gas sandstones, shale-gas and shale-oil. Our work has been primarily in the Piceance Basin (NW Colorado), where we focused on integrated studies in the sequence stratigraphy (regional evolution of Upper Cretaceous coal facies, shoreline trends, and related fluvial stacking patterns), reservoir geology, shale-gas plays, structural analyses, and petroleum systems modeling.

(4) Recent significant efforts in creating accurate, detailed animations of Colorado geology for public outreach. We have a major collaborative effort with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Details are included at

For professional societies, most of my efforts are dedicated as the co-chair of the 100th Anniversary Committee for the AAPG (culminates in 2017).
Six broad projects are included: Discovery Thinking Forums convened at the Annual and International conventions (displayed online), GeoLegend Interviews (displayed online); 100 most Influential papers; Digital Outcrop Atlas "Outcrops that changed the way we work;" History of the AAPG (last 25 years); and several major activities for the 100th Annual Convention in Houston in April 2017.

Department Topic Areas

Education and Training

  • Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin, 1989
  • M.S., University of Colorado, 1980
  • B.A., Pomona College, 1978