HOLOSCENES still image

HOLOSCENES / Little Boxes - February 20

How can we feel climate change in our gut? How does sheer beauty relate to devastation? Can climate change inspire an evolution in our awareness through space and time? These and other questions are explored...

Source concert graphic

Live Concert: SOURCE "Totality" album release - March 2

SOURCE returns to Fiske for their "Totality" album release show! "Totality" will be available for purchase after the show and new merchandise with artwork from the new album!

Combined Solar Eclipse Corona from Earth and Space  NASA SOHO Eclipse Space Ground_Koutchmy_4266

Solar Eclipses: Planning a Successful Trip - March 8

On average, a total solar eclipse occurs somewhere on Earth every 18 months. However, if you wait for one to come to you, plan on waiting awhile. Total solar eclipses average 375 years between occurrences over any one location.

Pulse of Nature performing at Fiske with dome in view

Pulse of Nature IV Live Concert - April 13

Pulse of Nature with Fareed Haque is back with the fourth annual live performance at Fiske Planetarium! Come join us for a live show that combines images of natural landscapes, the world, and the universe with an epic live concert.

Photo of BLOrk playing live at Fiske

BLOrk plays Songs of Space - April 20

Boldly going where no laptop orchestra has gone before, the Boulder Laptop Orchestra integrates technology with performers in an electro-acoustic ensemble, providing live interaction between the two.

Kirtan artistic illustration with blue sky full of starts

Cosmic Kirtan Connection - April 21

April 21, 2019 at 7:30pm Join Mira Devi & Friends, with special guest Dr. John Keller, for an evening of live music, stories, conversation, and connection. A full spectrum, live music experience, from soothing to grooving, will combine with Sanskrit mantras and cosmic visuals for a multi-sensory tapestry of healing.

The Great Wall in the Universe illustration

You are (not so) Special: Understanding our Big, Messy Existence - April 26

How is a galaxy billions of light-years away connected to us? Is our home nothing more than a tiny speck of blue in an ocean of night? In this exciting tour of a universe far larger than we can imagine, astrophysicist Dr. Paul M. Sutter...

Samskara at Fiske with audience and dome in view

Samskara - May 4 & May 5

Samskara returns to the Fiske Planetarium this Spring! Immerse yourself in an evolving and ongoing project inspired by the amazing digital artwork of Android Jones and created in collaboration with 360ART.