Film Studies offers degrees in filmmaking (BFA) as well as a critical studies (BA); the BFA is focused on the art of independent filmmaking, and the BA emphasizes the critical study of film as an art form. Film Studies offers an interdisciplinary MFA degree with the Department of Art and Art History. Film Studies hopes to begin a critical studies MA track within the next few years. International film is an important component of our critical studies and we offer a wide range of courses in this area.

Founded in 1972, the Film Studies Program at the University of Colorado at Boulder is known for its special emphasis on the study of film and the visual arts. The late Stan Brakhage taught with the Film Studies program for over twenty years. His creative legacy remains central to the vision of Film Studies. Our program has a large collection of 16mm film prints for classroom use as well as a wide array of cameras, film and digital video editing equipment, and optical printers which are available to students from the Film Studies equipment check-out facility. Film Studies also supports two major regional film exhibition venues: The International Film Series and First Person Cinema. Film Studies is housed in the new $34 million Alliance for Technology, Learning & Society (ATLAS) building. Our teaching facilities include a state of the art 35mm and 16mm film and HD screening theatre, HD computer labs as well as digital and analogue optical printing and transfer capabilities, and a well-equipped cinema check-out facility.