Karl Linden

Department: Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering
Education: B.S., Cornell University, (1989), M.S., Ph.D., University of California - Davis (1993, 1997)
Teaching: CVEN 5969 Water Sanitation and Hygiene, CVEN 4594 / 5494 Water Reuse and Reclamation, CVEN 5604 UV Processes in Environmental Systems
Research: Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Disinfection, Advanced Oxidation

Office: SEEC S291A

Honors and Distinctions:

  • Mortenson Endowed Professorship in Sustainable Development, 2015 – Current
  • Helen and Huber Croft Endowed Professorship, 2011 – 2015
  • WateReuse Association Person of the Year Award, 2014
  • Australian Water Recycling Center of Excellence Fellow 2013-2014
  • Pioneer Award in Disinfection and Public Health, Water Environment Federation, 2013
  • University Research Award, Boulder Faculty Assembly, Univ. of Colorado Boulder 2013
  • Best Research Paper Award, International UV Association, 2013
  • Faculty Research Award, College of Engineering and Applied Science, 2012
  • Distinguished Faculty Award, CEAE, Univ of Colorado College of Engineering, 2011
  • Best Paper of the Year, Journal AWWA 2010
  • Research Development Award, University of Colorado, CEAE Department, 2009
  • Klein/Stansell Family Distinguished Research Award, Pratt School of Engineering, 2004
  • Switzer Environmental Foundation Leadership Fellow: 2001-2003
  • National Science Foundation New Century Scholar: 1998

Recent Publications with undergraduate students:
* indicates undergraduate student

  1. Rosenblum, J. Nelson A.W., *Ruyle, B., Schultz, M.K., Ryan J.N., Linden K.G. (2017) “Temporal characterization of flowback and produced water quality from a hydraulically fractured oil and gas well” Science of the Total Environment 596-597:369-377.
  2. Beck S.E., Ryu H., Boczek L.A., Cashdollar J.L., Jeanis K.M**., Rosenblum J.S., Lawal O.R., *Linden K.G. (2017) Evaluating UV-C LED disinfection performance and investigating potential dual-wavelength synergy. Water Res. 109:207-216. doi: 10.1016/j.watres.2016.11.024.
  3. Lester, Y., Aga, D.S., Love, N, Singh, R., *Morrissey, I., Linden, K. (2016) “Integrative Advanced Oxidation and Biofiltration for Treating Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater” Water Environment Research, 88(11)1985-1993
  4. Beck, S.E., Rodriguez, R.A., *Hawkins, M.A., Hargy, T.M., Larason, T.C., Linden, K.G. (2016) “Comparison of UV-Induced Inactivation and RNA Damage in MS2 Phage Across the Germicidal UV Spectrum” Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 82(5): 1468-1474.
  5. Beck, S.E., Rodriguez, R.A., *Hawkins, M.A., Hargy, T.M., Larason, T.C., Linden, K.G. (2016) “Comparison of UV-Induced Inactivation and RNA Damage in MS2 Phage Across the Germicidal UV Spectrum” Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 82(5): 1468-1474.
  6. Rodriguez, R.A., Bounty, S.H., Beck, S.E., *Chan, C., *McGuire, C., Linden, K.G., (2014) “Photoreactivation of bacteriophages after UV disinfection: role of genome structure and impacts of UV source” Water Research 55, pp 143–149.
  7. Lester, Y., Yacob, T., *Morrissey, I. and Linden, K.G. (2014) Can We Treat Hydraulic Fracturing Flowback with a Conventional Biological Process? The Case of Guar Gum Environmental Science & Technology Letters 1 (1), pp 133–136. DOI: 10.1021/ez4000115
  8. Keen, O.S., *McKay, G., Mezyk, S.P., Linden, K.G., Rosario-Ortiz, F.L., (2014) Identifying the factors that influence the reactivity of effluent organic matter with hydroxyl radicals, Water Research 50: 408-419. DOI: 10.1016/j.watres.2013.10.049.
  9. Dotson, A.D., *Rodriguez, C., Linden, K.G. (2012) “UV Disinfection Implementation Status in US Water Treatment Plants” Journal of the American Water Works Association, Vol. 104, No. 5, 318-324

Recent Publications with graduate students:
** indicates graduate student

  1. **Hull, N.M., **Rosenblum, J.S., Robertson, C.E., Harris, J.K., Linden, K.G. (2018) Succession of toxicity and microbiota in hydraulic fracturing flowback and produced water in the Denver–Julesburg Basin. Science of The Total Environment 644, 183-192
  2. **Hull, N.M., Linden, K.G. (2018) Synergy of MS2 disinfection by sequential exposure to tailored UV wavelengths. Water Research 143, 292-300 
  3.  **Ulliman, S.L., **McKay, G., Rosario-Ortiz, F.L., Linden, K.G. (2018) Low levels of iron enhance UV/H2O2 efficiency at neutral pH. Water research 130, 234-242
  4.  **Jones, C.H.,** Shilling, E.G.,  Linden, K.G., Cook, S.M. (2018) Life Cycle Environmental Impacts of Disinfection Technologies Used in Small Drinking Water Systems. Environmental Science & Technology 52 (5), 2998-3007
  5. **Ulliman,S.L., **Miklos, D.B., Hübner, U., Drewes, J.E., Linden K.G. (2018) Improving UV/H2O2 performance following tertiary treatment of municipal wastewater. Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology 4 (9), 1321-1330
  6. Dischinger, S.M., Rosenblum, J., Noble, R.D., Gin, D.L., *Linden, K.G. (2017) “Application of a lyotropic liquid crystal nanofiltration membrane for hydraulic fracturing flowback water: Selectivity and implications for treatment” Journal of Membrane Science 543, 319-327
  7. Rosenblum J.S., Thurman E.M., Ferrer I., Aiken, G., *Linden K.G. (2017) “Organic Chemical Characterization and Mass Balance of a Hydraulically Fractured Well: From Fracturing Fluid to Produced Water over 405 Days” Environmental Science & Technology 51(23), 14006-14015
  8. Rosenblum J.S., **Sitterley K., Ferrer I., Thurman M., *Linden K. (2016) “Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater Pre-Treatment: Coagulation and Flocculation of Denver-Julesberg Produced Waters” Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 4(2):1978-1984
  9. **Mostafa, S., Rubinato, M., Rosario-Ortiz, F.L., Linden, K.G. (2016) “Impact of Light Screening and Photosensitization by Surface Water Organic Matter on Enterococcus Faecalis Inactivation” Environmental Engineering Science, 33(6):365-373
  10. Mestankova, H., **Parker, A.M., Bramaz, N., Canonica, S., Schirmer, K., von Gunten, U., *Linden, K.G., (2016) “Transformation of Contaminant Candidate List (CCL3) compounds during ozonation and advanced oxidation processes in drinking water: assessment of biological effects” Water Research, 93:110-120
  11. **Keen, O.S., Love, N.G., Aga, D.S., *Linden, K.G., (2016) “Biodegradability of iopromide products after UV/H2O2 advanced oxidation” Chemosphere, 144, 989-994, 2016
  12. Blackbeard, J., Lloyd, J., Magyar,M., Mieog, J., Linden, K.G., **Lester, Y. (2016) “Demonstrating organic contaminant removal in an ozone-based water reuse process at full scale” Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology, 2, 1, 213-222, 2016