Published: March 5, 2019

EVEN Faculty Professor Amy Javernick-Will and Professor Sherri Cook alongside CVEN PhD Candidate Allie Davis have recently been published in the journal Science of the Total Environment. This new publication titled “The use of qualitative comparative analysis to identify pathways to successful and failed sanitation systems” highlights the systematic misunderstanding of sanitation failures, and the need for implementation of holistic systems to best use limited resources.

To better understand what combinations of conditions lead to success and failure within sanitation systems, they applied fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis to 20 cases in India with small-scale sanitation systems. Their findings for implementing sanitation projects in resource-limited communities include the need to ensure that communities have adequate technical and financial resources for maintenance. Additionally, there is a need to ensure community and municipality stakeholders are engaged in planning and know their maintenance responsibilities and appropriate technologies are selected that meet community needs and achieve community buy-in.

Citation:  Davis, A.L.; Javernick-Will, A.; Cook, S.M. Identifying Pathways to Successful Sanitation Interventions in Resource Limited Communities using Qualitative Comparative Analysis. Science of the Total Environment (2019), 663, 507-517.

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