Annual Evaluation

Part-time and full-time Instructors, Senior Instructors and Scholars in Residence are to be evaluated on an annual basis during the same cycle as tenure-track faculty. These faculty members are expected to complete the Faculty Report of Professional Activities (FRPA). The Department Chair, Program Director, or Faculty Evaluation Committee of the primary unit does a performance evaluation of the faculty member in each workload area (primarily teaching, though some instructors may also have research and/or service responsibilities), resulting in an overall score and rating (unsatisfactory, below expectations, meets normal expectations, exceeds normal expectations, or far exceeds expectations). In addition to scores on the Faculty Course Questionnaire, multiple other measures of teaching should be included, such as student comments, peer observation, non-classroom teaching and outreach, scholarly educational work, course or curriculum development, course syllabus, etc. The Deans then review the evaluation. If the annual evaluation is not “meets normal expectations”, or above, then the faculty member must complete a performance improvement plan, approved by the Chair or Director, for the appointment to be continued or renewed.

Reappointment of Instructors/Sr. Instructors and Scholar in Residence

Reappointment of an instructor-rank or Scholar-in-Residence faculty member requires an evaluation by the primary-unit evaluation committee and a vote of the primary unit. In general, instructors are expected to demonstrate excellence in teaching and meritorious performance in service and research (if relevant). The College requires the following documentation to be submitted to the Dean’s office by the end of February for reappointments:

  1. Chair or Director letter to the Dean summarizing the evaluation of the candidate by the primary unit review committee and reports the primary unit vote on the candidate’s reappointment. The letter should state if teaching, service and research (if relevant) are each “meritorious” or “excellent”.
  2. Candidate’s vita.
  3. Multiple measures of teaching (FCQ summaries, plus at least two more measures such as student comments, peer observation, scholarly educational work, course syllabus review, participation in nonclassroom teaching and outreach, etc.).
  4. Rigorous evaluation of the instructor’s continued currency in the field.
  5. A draft of the reappointment offer letter for the candidate and the required university contract. The templates for the reappointment letter and the contract are located at on the Faculty Affairs site

Reappointment of an instructor-rank or Scholar-in-Residence faculty member will be based according to performance and the instructional needs of the units they are serving. Such reappointments should be for three years and are recommended by a vote of the permanent faculty of a discipline. A reappointment for less than three years requires justification and approval by Faculty Affairs. The Chair or Director will send a letter to the Dean recommending the reappointment. The letter must contain an evaluation of the individual’s teaching (and service and research, if relevant) and the faculty vote. The candidate’s vita, and a draft of the new offer letter should accompany the Chair’s letter.

Once approved by the Dean, the reappointment will be subject to final approval by the Chancellor of the University of Colorado Boulder. Instructor or Scholar-in-Residence appointments at 100% time require the additional concurrence of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs.

Revised September 2014