Dean’s Faculty Fellowships
The college offers Dean’s Faculty Fellowships to provide selected faculty members with one semester off from teaching a course, to focus on a major initiative in research and scholarly work or development of substantial educational materials or initiatives. This semester may not be combined with or taken within one year of a sabbatical. The faculty member is expected to continue service, student advising and research responsibilities during the fellowship period and to remain primarily in residence at CU Boulder. Applications are due to the dean’s office on February 20 for either semester of the following academic year, and should include a one-page description of the purpose and anticipated benefits of the faculty fellowship. The dean’s office will provide $10,000 to the fellow’s home department or program for teaching relief. A maximum of four fellowships will be awarded each year. 

Dean’s Seed Fund for Novel Ideas
The college has set aside discretionary funds to provide seed support for new ideas. Faculty may submit a proposal at any time. It should include a one-page description of the idea and its anticipated benefits, including a brief budget. The amount requested from the dean’s office should be matched 1:1 from the department or program, and the total should not exceed $10,000 ($15,000, if two units are involved). Note that a supporting letter from the chair or director is not required; instead, the dean’s office will send the chair or director an email to confirm the match for each selected proposal that requires matching funds. 

Application materials for a Dean’s Faculty Fellowship or Dean’s Seed Fund should be forwarded to Associate Dean for Faculty Advancement JoAnn Silverstein.

 Entrepreneurial Fellows Program
The goal of the Entrepreneurial Fellows Program is to foster and promote entrepreneurship through successful technology translation and mentorship. The program is sponsored by the Research & Innovation Office (RIO) in partnership with the College of Engineering and Applied Science. RIO and CEAS will welcome up to three Entrepreneurial Fellows to join our efforts for the 2018–19 school year. Fellows will actively pursue entrepreneurial endeavors related to research translation and mentor other aspiring entrepreneurs.

 BOLD Faculty Fellows
The goal of the BOLD Faculty Fellows Program is to engage faculty in the development and implementation of the College of Engineering and Applied Science’s inclusive excellence efforts. Fellows are expected to contribute to the mission of the BOLD Center and to promote a diversity and inclusion in our college. Fellows should align their agenda with the strategic aim of the BOLD Center, which is to improve recruitment, retention and climate within the college.