The Program and Event Gift Card Program recognizes faculty, staff, researchers and students for prize-winning participation in employee morale building programs and events in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. The award is established to recognize employees and students for their efforts and participation in department or college-wide programs through their collaboration and contributions in events. The objective of the award is to recognize participation of events in the college by creating a cohesive and engaged work environment. Budget for these awards is provided by the college departments or units directly.

Award and Selection Criteria 

Recipients of a gift card shall have engaged and participated in a college event or workshop, department or unit program, won a raffle or contest during a hosted event. Participants will be notified of the award’s availability by an email sent by the event host, department or unit HR liaison, Dean’s Office, and by posting the award description on event ads or website. Prize-winners are determined and notified by event facilitators.


The award will be funded from funds provided by the Dean’s Office, college department or program. Gift card amounts will generally be between $5 and $20. The maximum value of this award for the College of Engineering and Applied Science is $50. Single gift cards beyond $20 will need prior approval by emailing a member of the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will consist of the director of human resources, department chair and program faculty directors and/or dean. Gift cards may be purchased using a university procurement card.