Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion through Student Support (JEDISS)

Mission: The College of Engineering & Applied Science’s (CEAS) Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion through Student Support (JEDISS) seeks immediate opportunities for action and implementation to create a better College culture and climate for our diverse student population. JEDISS serves as a forum for consultation, review, and action to promote the goal of increased diversity, equity, and inclusion within CEAS. In partnership with CEAS efforts, we advocate for social justice by identifying inequitable policies, practices, events, and functions within CEAS and providing leadership with recommended changes. We support the Student Support & Advising Services (SSAS) community by providing educational resources and facilitating experiences for staff within CEAS to best serve our students.

Members: Debbie Yeh (chair), Dana Baker, Toni Gossett, Rebecca Dizon, Jerry Nguyen, Deb Renshaw, Kate Seppala, Justin Thayer

How to get involved:

  • New members can join at the start of every semester based on subcommittee structure.

  • Reading/resource materials are required to be reviewed ahead of time.

  • The first meeting of each semester will be dedicated to welcoming new members and calibrating expectations and perspectives.

  • Contact Debbie Yeh (Debbie.Yeh@colorado.edu) for more information.

Transfer Student Advising Committee

Mission: The CEAS Transfer Student Advising Committee seeks to improve the overall transfer and non-traditional student experience students face when transitioning to CU Engineering, as well as develop retention strategies to better assist our transfer students.  

In addition to the above mission, this committee also focuses on the following:

  • Use data to identify trends in transfer student success and develop strategic initiatives to address barriers, enhance resources and increase retention/graduation.

  • Develop and assist instructor to manage COEN 4830 - Transfer Success Seminar course

  • Lead development of CEAS transfer student orientation each semester, in collaboration with CEAS FYE Coordinator.

  • Review and revise (if necessary) CEAS policies that pertain to transfer students, as they relate to advising/student services.

  • Create/revise advising-related transfer student resources (web, print, etc…)

  • Assist with transfer student recruitment-related events

Members: Chris Anderson (chair), Karen Ganss, Kate Seppala, Rachel Campagna, Lindsey Morford, Maribeth Oscamou

How to get involved

  • This is an open committee, and SSAS members are invited to join at any time.

  • The expectations for involvement are:

    • be actively involved in our 60-minute, biweekly committee meetings by providing opinions and ideas.

    • taking the lead on (or co-leading) a project/initiative.

  • Contact Chris Anderson (cjanderson@colorado.edu) for more information.