Students on campus at CU Boulder during the fall season

Our engineering management program offers a variety of flexible options for our students. You can advance your career with a master's degree, undergraduate minor or certificate. We also allow prospective engineering management students to try our program by taking a single course.  We offer programs for graduate, undergraduate and certificate-level students, both on campus and online. 

EMP graduate students can customize their education to best fit their career goals. Choose between an ME in engineering management, a specialized dual-degree option, a graduate-level certificate or standalone engineering management courses.   

CU Boulder undergraduate students can earn a minor in engineering management or a certificate to accompany their bachelor’s degree. Courses are available on campus with online sections as an option. 

EMP allows students to earn a certificate in engineering management, depending on their current educational level. Choose among our graduate, undergraduate and industry certification programs, all of which can enhance your education and professional development.  

Courses are offered both on campus and online. 

To ensure EMP is for you, we welcome prospective students to try up to three courses before enrolling in a certificate or master’s degree program.